Hello! I’m Michelle and I’m the writer behind Daisybutter. A twenty-something red lip enthusiast with a serious thing for luxury handbags and coffee, I created this blog whilst in my first year of Uni as a way of satiating a need to talk about my favourite, most frivolous interests. For more than six years, this website has been my place to share, talk and dream candidly and to unwind from the hustle and bustle that was University life, that was interning at several magazines and PR companies, that is the Real World and that most certainly is Twenties' Life.

Here you’ll find a smorgasbord of the things that make me tick, the things that make me ‘me’. From the outfit posts, style wish lists and beauty round-ups that gave Daisybutter its headstart in the community to the lengthier pieces and everyday diaries that documented my life as I catapulted straight into my twenties’, it’s all here. I’m a simple, happy soul that loves books, Harry Potter, long walks, Pokemon, anything pastel coloured, flat whites and inappropriately appropriate GIFs.

You’ll find new posts shared a handful of times weekly: I regularly post each Sunday to my Sundaze series, a weekly round-up of what I’ve been up to, as well as to my ‘Petite joys’ series, a list of 10 small and possibly overlooked things that made me happy that week.

Elsewhere on the Internet, you can find me wittering away on Twitter, getting all squarey-eyed on Instagram, Pinning inspiration on Pinterest and, most scarily, filming for my YouTube channel. Come and join me... and bring a coffee!

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