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6 things that I've watched lately (& that you should too!) 

It seems that all I ever do in my weekly Sundaze updates is talk about this new TV show or that anime that I’m completely obsessed with and, you know what? That’s a pretty realistic impression of my autumn. I’m SO unaccustomed to the cold and have spent much of my month either in my dressing gown, at my studio, at my boyfriend’s, or a nifty combination of a few!

So! I think it’s about time I began sharing some thoughts with you on things that I’ve been watching lately. Do feel free to share your newest watches with me as well!


I’ve been waiting for the new season of Lucifer to land for absolutely ages! I watched the entirety of season one back in May and just couldn’t get enough of it. It’s pretty much a plot that centres around the Devil being transported into the real world and I love these fantasy-reality crossovers. Harvey and I are starting a routine of saving each week’s episode for the weekend and watching it together on Saturday evenings along with plenty of food and drink. But, I’m not sure, the first episode back seemed a little lacklustre, although I’m interested to see where the whole Mum storyline goes.

Gilmore Girls

If you follow me on Twitter, it’ll come as no surprise that Gilmore Girls is literally at the top of my priorities right now. Working from home means that whenever I’m not in my studio, I Chromecast shows from Netflix and watch as I work. Double the productivity! I didn’t watch Gilmore Girls when it first aired, on account of the fact that I was about 9, so this is my first watch and I’m already at season three. I absolutely love the mellow tone of the show, the characters are so loveable and vibrantly written, the dialogue is witty and SO damn 90’s… Bloody loving it.


‘W’ is arguably one of 2016’s cult K-dramas and I can *almost* see why. It tells the story of a female heroine and protagonist, the daughter of a webtoon (comic) artist, who gets propelled into the comic’s world by chance. It’s a non-scary supernatural girl-meets-boy tale with plenty of twists and turns that had way more potential than was delivered but a great watch nonetheless. I wish the writers had quickened the pace and added a little depth to the characters which is ironic in itself. I mean, just watch and see for yourself!

Re: Zero

This one was a complete dud for me. Harvey and I started watching this together in, like, April, and it seemed like a pretty decent anime. Subaru is a gawky boy with the ability to ‘Return by Death’ and he eventually goes on some lovelorn quest to save an elfin-girl that he’s besotted with. Again, the storyline just drags on forever! Kinda disappointed by the ending but life can be like that eh ;)

Attack On Titan

I think I must be the last person in the anime universe to have watched Attack On Titan and I can’t quite believe it. Let’s not beat about the bush here: skinless giants. Not my thang. But the characters are wonderfully developed, the storyline full of depth, the visuals insane and the fight scenes even better. I’ve loved watching Attack On Titan. Just remove the Japanese imperialist associations, eh?

Amanda Knox

Last but not least, I watched the Amanda Knox documentary last week. I guess I have mixed feelings about it. I didn’t follow the case when it first came about but I do remember reading Amanda’s name in the papers and feeling terrified, so I suppose I can tell you that my perception of Knox was mostly that of a villain, a psychopath, a pathological liar. The documentary was by no means Making A Murderer levels of ‘holy crap, what just happened’ but it deepened my understanding of the case, its coverage and the key players in the story. I’m still none the wiser of Knox’s guilt but I do now have an added person-to-dislike in Nick Pisa.

What have you been watching lately?

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