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Sundaze, meet Petite joys... 

This week has mostly been spent under a duvet, inside a dressing gown, peeking out from mugfuls of Lemsip, or a nifty combination of all, and so I’ve not got much of a Sundaze update to share with you. Instead, I thought I’d combine another of my regular series into this week’s Sundaze and bring you a handful of happy things to wile away this slow October afternoon.

一. Lemsip! Oh how I must pay homage to the lemony goodness that is Lemsip. I’ve been struck down with my annual October cold this week and while I usually muster through colds without medication (I really don’t like taking unnecessary tablets!), I have to say that I’ve been feeling much more human-like after caving.

二. The ‘C’ word. October brings with it such seasonal ambiguity and I’m one of those girls that just bloody loves Christmas. In fact, I’ve even begun my Christmas shopping!

三. Gilmore Girls. Completely obsessed. Already can’t wait to get back to my marathon after today’s blogging duties are complete.

四. Seeing my best friend yesterday for afternoon tea in Guildford! I finally got to see the bride-to-be and cry over the engagement story (again) and begin planning her day.

五. Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask. My skin has already begun to dull in the colder weather but reintroducing this old favourite to my evening routine has done a world of wonder.

六. Dark evenings. I’m so much more productive when it’s dark outdoors and these autumnal evenings are just perfect.

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