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Autumn moments, date night & my new hair colour.

一. This week completely slipped through my hands and, looking back seems to have been a complete (yet productive) whirlwind. Every Sunday morning when I sit down and write these, I realise how much I keep letting things running away from me. Eek! In a handful of weekends I’ll be off on my travels around Asia (read: extravagant holiday because this girl will never live out of a backpack) and even peeking in my diary now, I know October is going to fly by.

二. The now-infamous ‘Vogue vs. bloggers’ article has served to shake up our mini industry and I’ve yet to put my two cents in on it all. It seems rather unnecessary for a 2009 argument to suddenly be rehashed and yet it also highlights the continuing snobbery that exists in the industry. Whilst of course Vogue and other traditional media serves a purpose of its own in a position of ‘power’ that has been long established, I also believe it’s important to recognise that blogging has become its own industry in its own right. We’re not here to impose of ‘their turf’, moreover we’re each working towards our independent businesses and at the same time, boss it in collaboration with those oft-coveted big brands. There’s enough room for us all and that even dials down to within our own community: there’s always room at the inn.

三. I re-coloured my hair this week! I’ve been meaning to dedicate a post to my beloved hair colour brand for absolutely ages but haven’t managed to make it ‘fit’ so here we go in a Sundaze update… I use the Liese Bubble Hair Colour (available on Amazon), a Japanese foaming hair dye. It works brilliantly on dark hair, lifting natural tones and bringing accurate colour without bleach. I naturally have jet black hair and use the Raspberry Brown colour, although I’ve dabbled with Rose Tea Brown as well. Couldn’t recommend it more!

四. Thursday was weekly date night for H and I. We spend weekends together in London which is always a real treat but it’s nice to keep those dinner dates and ‘get outdoors’ dates in the week. This week we went to Crouch End where we had a press dinner scheduled in. Making the most of the area, we headed to the adorable Haberdashery coffee house and had the BEST Oreo sponge cake ever, let me attest to that. Afterwards, we had a little Pokemon stroll, took plenty of photos (he’s a VSCO convert!) and headed over to Tootoomoo where we were very well-looked after and got to try out their new menu. More on that soon ;)

五. So, earlier this week, I let all of my Twitter clan - join us here! - in on the fact that I’ve never watched Gilmore Girls! And the unanimous response was simply to watch it immediately. I’ve spent the latter part of my week chain-watching it whilst being up to my eyeballs in client work and Excel sheets that don’t make much sense and… I LOVE IT. Help me.

六. Last but not least, I’m headed to watch the filming of Michael McIntyre’s Big Show this afternoon! Right after I wrap up this blog post and down a pint of coffee, I’ll be off to meet Daisybrother and Babybutter to watch our favourite comedian do his thang and we’re so excited. Michael McIntyre!!

Links I’ve Loved:

  • I came across this recipe for Zucchini Koftas in Creamy Coconut Tomato Sauce via Pinterest and, whilst complicated, I can't wait to attempt to make this next week!
  • Rosie introduced us all to her beautiful baby daughter, Ottilie Dorothy. Isn’t that just the sweetest name?!
  • My girl Ria wrote another excellent article about diversity and identity and it resonated SO closely with several experiences I’ve had: I just have to share it with you.
  • On my quest for eating a) more healthily, and b) varied vegetarian meals, I came across the A Beautiful Mess girls’ Miso Soba Zoodles recipe. Holy moly.
  • We’ve all been OH so into autumn lately but nobody has captured the essence of a new season better than the ever-wonderful and supremely talented Jennie.
  • Cat relaunched her blog with this mindful post about feelings. Worth a read, for sure.

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