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Off-screen and chill.

To me, there’s nothing better than getting home from a day battling the Great Outdoors and nesting. That whole easy-living concept, of not really caring all that much that my favourite thing is to get home, shrug into butter-soft loungewear, tuck my MacBook under my arm and nestle under several blankets. (I really feel the cold, okay?)

Hygge [”HUE-gah” :: The Danish ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures. Friends. Family. Graciousness.

The art of Danish hygge has completely taken our awkwardly polite, work-a-day British way of life by storm, teaching us to enjoy everyday joys, to pay just a touch more attention to what makes us feel alive and creating a nice, warm atmosphere. Apparently it roughly translates to cosiness but it’s more of a culmination of embracing time spent with loved ones, of flickering candlelight at home and of sitting around the dining table, discussing everything in sight and on the mind. And, in a way, that’s pretty much how I try to live my life anyway.

A Morning Ritual

My days are always greatly improved when I abide by a loose morning ritual. I know I wax lyrical about coffee and (puppy) cuddles in the mornings but it truly is a huge factor in how my days play out. Awake by 6.30am, downstairs with the coffee machine on by 7am and cosied up in my dressing gown, perched on our garden bench with a steaming mug of coffee and a fluffy puppy legging it around on the lawn. And despite it not being ‘great’ for relaxing, I find I’m most relaxed when I’m back indoors at my desk - or the breakfast table - by around 8am, flagging emails to respond to with toast and a bowl of blueberries to hand.

Conversation with A Friend

I’m super conscious of how ‘multi-task’ my lifestyle is becoming these days. Of course it can’t be helped but I often fret that friends are neglected in favour of the larger picture and lately I’ve been fixing that by devoting time to specific friends. The ubiquitous WhatsApp group chats mean that some of my most beloved pals rarely get a look-in, and so nowadays, I make an effort to pick up the phone, sit down and natter with a mate about everything and anything. And the fact that my best friend is planning her wedding doesn’t hurt either, eh?

The After-Work Nesting Den

Hands up if you’re the kinda gal (or guy!) that absolutely can’t wait for 6pm to roll around so you can nest. And another hand up if you practically dream of cosy blankets, fleecy slippers at your feet and general squishy comfort on your way home. Now if you look a little something like the sassy emoji, then you’re MY kinda human. I’ve developed a handy ol’ system: a basket, perched beside my bed, with slippers, cosy socks, a throw and book ready and waiting for after-work nesting. Unplugging from all things digital for even just an hour really helps me to relax - do you ever feel like everything runs away from you when Twitter constantly refreshes and newness is thrown at you every minute? Try giving it just an hour away from the digital world.

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