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It is, without a shadow of a doubt, boot season... 

There’s little else better in my book (except for long stretches of time whereby Sims 4 can be squeezed into my daily routine or maybe unlimited bars of chocolate) than being able to slip into boots and stomp around in crunchy leaves, just like when you were little. Or, I suppose in my case, younger.

With pup in tow, I appreciate those golden leaves even more than usual: Milo has taken to ‘coercing leaves to chase him’, that is, on windier mornings, he loves running away from those rogue leaves that rustle and crackle as they gently sweep the ground.

I digress. It is most certainly boot weather, and didn’t that just happen in the link of an eye?! There’s a few gaps in my shoe collection that are desperate to be filled and here are a few pairs I’ve got my beady eyes on…

Another year, another I-wish-I-could-wear-OTK-boots post… I think this might be the year that I finally cave and decide to invest in some statement boots and these
’Kingdom' boots (£55) from ASOS are pretty damn nice. I just love the velvet accents but can already envision sudden rain downpours ruining them. I’m mostly imagining them with a pretty dress to balance them out or with cosy knits and jeans. The 'Keepsake’ (£45) ones are also pretty sweet and plenty more wearable with a lower heel. Give me OTK boots.

Top of my list this season has been a pair of embroidered boots. Where on Earth did the embroidery trend come from?! And can we keep it forever?! I spied it on the Dries van Noten runway, Pinned hundreds of them and now they’re finally trickling onto the British high street. Currently it’s a toss-up between Topshop’s Blossom boots (£42) or their Kobra version (£39).

Trends and statements aside though, we all know how much of a sucker I am for luxury leather and footwear doesn’t get off lightly. I’m utterly besotted with ChloĆ©’s Lauren boots (£600). I can already vouch for ChloĆ©’s comfort and these would truly be the cherry on top of an excellent shoe wardrobe, right?

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