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We head to the launch of an artisan pasta lab in Shoreditch, London.

As the summer winds down to a smug stop, I’ve really been enjoying integrating a handful of indoors plans into my weeks. The launch of Pokemon GO and a gloriously warm summer in the company of all of my favourite people meant that most of the time, I’d wake up, get $hit done and zoom straight out to whichever rooftop bar or backyard food pop-up was popular and be done with it.

Savurè London is a wonderfully refreshing artisan pasta lab and Italian restaurant, nestled in Shoreditch. Hailing originally from Turin in the north of Italy, the new opening prepares fresh Italian pasta and sauces right in front of your eyes, just as you’d like it.

My boyfriend Harvey and I were kindly invited to the launch last week and, well, when pasta is involved, you simply can’t say no! The restaurant is a short walk from Shoreditch High Street and is dressed in bright, modern interiors, making it an ideal spot for lunch breaks. The staff are kind and friendly and there’s an excellent wine selection for the evening.

We started with this insanely good Chickpea Malloreddus with Rosemary Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in short, a simple dish of chickpea pasta with a light rosemary dressing. I think this was possibly the *best* pasta I’ve tasted in a while, cooked al dente and with an interesting, subtle smoke to taste.

Our other option, as vegetarians, was the Potato Gnocchi with Pesto Genovese, a simple but hearty pesto gnocchi, tossed with pine nuts. I found it a little much but my boyfriend loved it!

The menu works in a step-by-step manner whereby you build your own dish by combining fresh pasta and sauces plus any ‘extras’ that you might like. All of the pastas looked absolutely delicious and there’s a great range of sauces for both meat-eaters and vegetarians; we’re certainly looking to come back here for a proper meal, soon.

Savurè London also offers a takeaway service (excellent) and an option to pick up their homemade pasta raw, to be cooked at home. In fact, we were each given a box of fresh pasta to cook at home… the results of which we’ll share here on another occasion!

20 Paul Street, Shoreditch, EC2A 4JH

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