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Birthdays, Cosmopolitan and ALLTHEFOOD. Again.

Happy Sunday!

一. How on Earth are we already onto the final weekend of September? Absolute madness. And I must accept a slap on the wrist for having missed another handful of these weekly Sundaze updates… I tend to prop my MacBook open on Sunday afternoons after breakfast wanders in London and end up wiling away all of my time on various K-dramas, anime series and other online ‘things’. Time for an almighty catch-up!

二. Last week I went to Snaps + Rye for dinner with three of my favourite ladies: Hannah, Sophie and Lily. After much ado over travelling to West London, we had the best time! Snaps + Rye is a Danish restaurant over in Ladbroke Grove, one that specialises in tasting menus that change weekly. The kitchen were more than happy to accommodate for Lily and I being vegetarians, too, despite the menu being very meat-heavy this week! Hannah’s written a full review over on her blog that you can read here.

三. My wonderfully supportive boyfriend spent last weekend tapping away at his iMac for an age and it turns out he was busy nominating me for a Cosmopolitan Influencer Award! I haven’t actively promoted Daisybutter for an award since I was a Cosmo Blog Award Finalist and Marie Claire Award Finalist in 2012 and 2013 respectively but, here’s hoping, eh? If you’d like to nominate this here space for a Lifestyle Influencer Award, I’d be oh so grateful! The link is right here!

四. I finished reading The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett last weekend and absolutely loved it! I’ve had such a tough time getting back into reading this year but I’m finally back into the swing of things and have another two books on the go. Praise be for autumn! The Versions of Us is very much a ‘One Day’ sort of book with a three-way narrative that started off confusing but became a great way to tell a tale by the midway point. I’m such a sucker for ‘what if’ questions and would absolutely recommend this one to you guys.

五. Celebrated Daisybrother’s 24th birthday on Wednesday with a family meal to our local Coast to Coast restaurant. Not much to say aside from, ‘help me all the food’ and it was kinda funny to sit and compare my hometown life of chain restaurants against, what I call my normal life, that is, traipsing all across London like some sort of modern nomad.

六. I spied this hilarious Allkpop article the other evening and positively died over WhatsApp in a frenzied chat with Winnie. Rumours that Taylor Swift is dating Lee Min Ho?! So funny when worlds collide, eh? (Of course it’s not true, heh.)

七. This week I’ve been trying to plan ahead for the blog whilst I’m away in November and December. I’m thinking of introducing some ‘What I Watch’ posts into the mix soon here on Daisybutter. So much of my autumn and winter evenings are devoted to keeping up with my viewing schedule that it’d seem a shame not to! And I once used to run an Asian drama, anime and manga review blog, so it’d be fun to bring elements of that back! I’m also going to be introducing some guest editor spots too, letting my favourite bloggers/writers have their own spot on Daisybutter whilst I venture to Asia again. Let me know if you’d like to be involved!

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