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Introducing my latest wardrobe O B S E S S I O N.

One of my favourite afternoons in Budapest was spent exploring the quaint Margaret Island that floats, quite happily, between Buda and Pest, nodding gently on the Danube River.

I’m a total sucker for an island, manmade or not, and so we packed our backpacks full of water and snacks and marched on over to Margaret Bridge before arriving to the beautiful island. And let me tell you, in scorching 30°C city heat, that is no easy feat.

I selected one of my favourite outfits of the moment: a wardrobe-staple camisole and my new Topshop so-called ‘Awkward Length Trousers’. The whole culottes trend was awesome, wasn’t it? I think these charming really-are-awkward-length trousers are going to be my new best friend for the early autumn. They’re going to look awesome with a silk shirt tucked in and a pair of loafers or with a little turtleneck vest and sky-high boots. Hawt dayum, I’m excited for my first autumn in two years!

They’re pretty breezy and are kinda understated but also pack a punch in the outfit stakes because of their unexpected pleats and that hit-me-on-the-ankle length. Currently can’t stop wearing them with T-shirts, denim or bomber jackets and slider sandals as the heat tapers off into a refreshingly crisp and undeniably chill September. Perfect weather to start a stint in London for a new client on my cards.

September? Let's do this.

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