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Refreshing my room for a new season with Rooi Home.

Evenings are darker, unmistakably crisper in the air with a delectable bite to it that denotes the requiem of a coat - or at the very least, a charming faux leather jacket - and everything about our morning walks points towards autumn. Richly hued berries amongst glossy green leaves, a crackle as old leaves float towards the ground and an excitable puppy discovering what it means to have freshly fallen foliage to rummage in. My favourite season of them all.

I haven’t had a ‘proper’ English autumn in two years and so this time round, I’m determined to embrace it completely. Mornings walks with my puppy, a tea flask in hand, stolen moments outdoors as the rain quells, the smell of freshly fallen rain, the accepting moment of wrapping a scarf around your neck, being able to enjoy warm beverages again…

After an entire summer of #livingmybestlife and being a little of a lot, I’m excited to wind things down and be home a little more. Be more of less and stop spreading myself so thin. Indulge in afternoons of me-time to balance out 7am’s at my desk. More time spent with loved ones and less time fighting train timetables. Rooi sent me a set of their beautiful Belledorm bedding to ‘try out’ and, well, I don’t need an excuse to hop back in bed when the English gloom rolls around, right?!

The Belledorm set is just gorgeous; duck egg blue lines darting across crisp white Egyptian cotton to spruce my space up just a smidgen. I can’t wait to throw a huge knitted grey throw on top for extra autumnal cosiness! Oh, and I must just mention the insanely genius touch of open top corners on the duvet sheet. Seriously. Genius. Perfect for straightening out the sheets and folding back over for a crisper look.

I also took to switching out my wardrobe for an autumnal ‘round’. SWEATER WEATHER. Give me it all now.

How are you embracing the seasonal shift?

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