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Where there’s coffee, there’s hope.

Everyday life at Chez Daisybutter always, always includes several cups of coffee. Whether as a break from my screen, enjoyed over a cuddle with Milo out in the garden on the deckchairs or hastily downed in the twilight hours as deadlines loom, I’m just very much a coffee kinda gal.

The team over at Beanies, The Flavour Co. very kindly offered to tempt me with some flavour variations from their instant coffee range a few weeks ago and I, of course, HAD to oblige. I’m usually a flat white and Chai latte sort of person but Cookie Dough?! Instant? Sold. 100% sold.

Beanies, The Flavour Co. specialise in coffee made from raw materials. Each coffee blend is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and is 100% sugar-free, with just 2 calories per cup! In-sane.

Cookie Dough

- Yes yes, I’m one of *those* people, I naturally gravitate to Cookie Dough. What’s not to love eh? I’m still not convinced by this one, surprisingly, it’s buttery and kind of sweet but doesn’t quite pack a flavour punch which lends the coffee a lack of flavour too. I’m tempted to try it teamed with a little of the Double Chocolate coffee to see if it amps it up at all.

Amaretto Almond

- I’m a big, big fan of Irish cream coffee after dinner and so I was more than excited to try the Amaretto Almond flavour. Deliciously decadent with a sweet marzipan twist, I really like this flavour. I think it’d be good for not-huge-coffee-lovers too, as it really detracts from the traditional coffee flavour. (Alcohol free.)

Double Chocolate

- And finally for my favourite, the Double Chocolate. Now I usually despise mocha and anything that combines chocolate and coffee, so I surprised myself when I decided to choose one of the brand’s most popular flavours! And I love it. I start almost every Monday (because Monday) and Friday (because Fri-YAY!) with a cup of this; sweet, rich and still full of coffee flavour, this is a real crowd-pleaser.

A huge ‘thank you!’ must go to Beanies for this package of coffee goodness - I can’t wait to pick up more flavours on my next food shop (it’s stocked at Tesco and Sainsbury’s) and invest in their premium roasted coffee when I have my own kitchen!

Disclaimer: The items in this post were sent to me for review purposes. I selected the flavours and of course continue only to endorse products that I wholeheartedly back. Several thumbs up from me!!

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