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Ten tiny details that’ve made my week great.

There’s a lot to be said for appreciating the smaller, not necessarily finer details of the everyday mundane. I’ve had a slowdown in inspiration to scribe in this blog lately but there’s no time like the present to brew an English breakfast tea and jot down some joyful notes, eh?


一. Seeing my August calendar page filled right up to the brim with plenty of work and plans with pals!

二. These awesome pleated trousers from Topshop. Super comfy and ridiculously easy to style; I’ve been tucking in Bardot tops and all manner of graphic tees for simple summer looks.

三. Our personality-rich pup! Milo is truly coming into his own at the moment. Six months is doing him the world of good and I love recognising his cute little habits throughout the day. He loves tapping his paw on my hand and his favourite toy in a bid to get me to play ‘fetch’ with him!

四. Quorn Picnic Eggs. So good. Help me. Stop me. But don’t.

五. The Olympics! I’ve really been enjoying watching the Diving and Gymnastics as always. I always hold my breath when I watch but I just bloody love gawping at the sheer talent on those mats!

六. Catching a glimpse of the basketful of LUSH treats in my room. My boyfriend surprised me with so many LUSH goodies at the weekend and I can’t believe he spent an hour in there, heh. What a guy.

七. Celebrating my friend Amelia's birthday! In 'real life’ I’m a huge party-avoider but I can never say no to my girl. We popped over to her birthday barbecue at the weekend and had a delightful evening filled with food, catch-ups and cider.

八. Cross-country catch-ups! I’m *still* floating on Cloud Nine after a little trip up to Birmingham to hang out with Gem and meet her little lady Evie, and see my girl Winnie for dinner. I love the Internet for bringing me together with some of my best girls.

九. Barry M Quick Dry Nail Paint in ‘Eat My Dust’. A.k.a. my lucky Dratini nail colour.

十. Spending time by the lake at home. Now that I divide my week between my hometown and London, I feel like I'm appreciating my rural hometown many moons more. And the lake at home has always been my very favourite spot to visit whenever I have a spare evening. Plus, PokeStops for days.

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