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H E L L O A U G U S T !

Well well well, would you look at that? We're in the eighth month of the year. It's legit August. And I'm sat next to my desk on the cosy chair, cup of coffee in hand and wild puppy at my feet, ready for a fresh month once more. (Pretty sure we'll have more months to come but let's roll with it...)

Things To Do This Month:

  1. Save, save, save!
  2. Complete my new work project and set-up the studio.
  3. Visit Gem and Evie, and Winnie in Birmingham!
  4. Frame and hang my prints.
  5. Visit Budapest with my sister.
  6. Start watching Parks & Recreation on Netflix - I know, I know, I'm really behind!
  7. Book flights to Bali and Malaysia.
  8. Eat at home, more.
  9. Buy these Stan Smith's in Ray Pink, at last.
  10. Take Louise on a sister date... to London!

This month has already begun to take shape on account of that Being In Your 20's thing where you need to make plans with friends about a decade ahead of time. I'm actually feeling a little overwhelmed at the idea of balancing work, my new launch, visiting friends, caring for my pup, celebrating both of my parents' birthdays, squeezing in a holiday and more in this month, but a to-do list has helped to ease my mind.

So yes, this is the month of Budapest! Louise and I are going to sit down and loosely plan our trip this week, factoring in those all-important Pokemon hunting sessions of course ;) If you have any recommendations for us, I'd absolutely love to hear them! I'm also visiting Gem and Winnie over in Birmingham on Thursday and can't wait to see them both! And finally, I'm hoping to book my flights for my adventures in November - eek!

Last Month's To-Do Progress: (a.k.a. NAILED IT!)

  1. Check off all of the admin bits from my work list.
  2. Pick up a copy of The Cursed Child on 31st July.
  3. Indulge in Hello Kitty Afternoon Tea at Cutter & Squidge.
  4. Save every penny possible.
  5. Finish up Hunter x Hunter!
  6. Visit Brighton.
  7. Hang out at Hyper Japan.
  8. Have a fresh set of eyelash extensions done.
  9. Run the Race for Life!
  10. Downsize my beauty collection and refresh my wardrobe situation.

5 Blogs You Should Read Today:

  • Sophie's Makeup :: I've been a fan of Sophie's blog for several years now and, my goodness, it just gets better each time I hop in for a read. Her still life photography is absolutely unreal and I just love the relaxed happy vibes I get from it every time I get to settle down for a catch up. Oh, and she's a huge Harry Potter fan just like me!
  • What Lauren Did Today :: When I first discovered Lauren's blog, it was from a post that she'd mentioned me and I clearly remember it warming my heart for the entire week! I'm a firm believer in paying things forward and that original community aspect of blogging so I visited her blog and just never stopped. Lauren writes about her life, courageously shares her experiences with anxiety and other mental health topics and she's a vegetarian too! Reading WLDT is like having one of those lovely, afternoon-long catch-ups with a pal over tea and cake.
  • Half-Baked Harvest :: A relatively new discovery of mine, Half-Baked Harvest is full of deliciously tailored recipes. It plays host to many vegetarian recipes and I find that every meal I've made from this site is insanely good, packed with rich, indulgent flavours and textures.
  • The Story Of A Girl :: I couldn't share a 'blogs I love' segment without mentioning at least one of my best girls, could I? Sophie is truly killin' it at the moment with her posts, full of food and travel recommendations as she whirls around all the countries sharing all of her finds. Take it from me that she is one of the best best eggs around and her blog is just about the same.
  • Lumiere & Lens :: I don't often appreciate enough the fact that blogging has lent me the ability to befriend wonderful women from far-flung spots across the globe and I feel that I can count Alyse as one of those. Lumiere & Lens documents her life and stories as a chemistry PhD student in LA, sharing beautiful photographs from her weekend wanders and snippets about her lifestyle that I just adore reading for some realistic escapism.

What will you be doing this month?

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