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Justifying unnecessary beauty spends by sharing them in a post. #Content

So somehow, we’re in August (how?!) and I’ve finally begun to turn my attention to a summer beauty ‘top-up’ of sorts. We had a bit of a slow burner summer here in England, a far cry from the humid tropics from my beloved Hong Kong last year, and so I didn’t quite get as far as investing in a full beauty kit.

I’m currently, albeit reluctantly, growing my hair out to a midi sort of length again. While my hair certainly suits me better at this lob length, I’m so done with how quickly it grows back out! With that in mind, I’ve been mulling over some Living Proof haircare - my absolute favourite - to keep things in tip-top shape and treat them to the *best* scent ever. I’m trying to decide between the Full range and the Restore range.

Somehow, your girl has managed to pick up a tan this summer! Yes! A real tan! I didn’t tan a single shade whilst living abroad and yet a week-long heatwave coupled with the arrival of Pokemon GO and the desire to complete my Pokedex means I now have a tan and my summer freckles are all out to play. I don’t completely hate it for once so I’m trying my best to hold onto it with this St. Tropez Tan Optimiser and Vaseline Spray-On Moisturiser!

On the fragrance front, I’ve conveniently ran out of the birthday perfumes I’d been using since March. I’m fairly tempted to invest in the Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir cologne or the Byredo Rose of No Man’s Land EDP. Decisions decisions…!

Last but not least, I’ve already picked up two bottles of my very favourite Kiehl’s Vanilla & Cedarwood Body Lotion. Homg guys, they’re discontinuing my favourite! Seriously. If you manage to spy this in-store, give it a try - the fragrance is incredible and the lotion sinks into the skin so well. Love.

What’s on your remnants-of-summer shopping list?

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