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Making the most of all those 2k, 5k and 10k Eggs.

Was there ever a shadow of a doubt that I’d be obsessively playing Pokémon GO in mid 2016? Of course not. Ever since the release of the widely anticipated augmented reality game by Niantic and The Pokémon Company at the beginning of the month, I’ve done the unthinkable and beaten my daily S Health targets for 3 consecutive weeks. That’s 21 days!

Racking up several kilometres to hatch eggs (thank you Professor Oak for my Hitmonlee!) and leg it after elusive Pinsir’s has made the world of difference on my mental and physical health and I’ve already discovered some ways to really max out the extra kms I’m racking up.


I really like the concept of this app - Earthmiles tracks your fitness activities and rewards you in turn with ‘healthy rewards’. They partner with a number of well-known health and wellness brands, thus in exchange for reaching milestones in the walking, running, cycling, yoga and gym realms, you can earn offers and vouchers and more from nutrition brands, sportswear labels, classes and more.

Charity Miles

This one is simply genius and charitable too! I came across the Charity Miles app in a Pokemon GO group I joined on Facebook and the idea is that you choose a charity and just get walking. For every mile, you’ll raise a small amount and that can really amount to a lot if you walk to the shops instead of drive and especially if you’re the owner of an active puppy!


I’ve had Moves installed on my phone for absolutely ages and I find it fascinating. The app simply tracks your movements (run/walk/drive) for the day and tells you whether you’ve been active enough. It generates an average active time for the day and works as a great motivator to ‘beat yesterday’.


Another great app for converting your activity to spending activity is Bounts. It links up to any movement tracking app on your phone and eventually rewards you with high street vouchers!

Note: These apps require your smartphone to link up with movement tracking apps including Strava, S Health, Fitbit, etc.

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post!

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