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Brighton, Budapest and London.

Well isn’t this all a little odd? Somehow the weekends ran away with me this month and I’ve missed two Sundaze posts, one after the other! Fear not though, I have a post-pup patrol coffee in hand and some borrowed time with which to pen a belated edition…

一. Work has been gearing *right* up for me lately which is such a relief! Such is the way with freelancing that you feel like you work on turbo-charge and often see it amount to nothing, but these last two weeks have been full of ‘truckering-on projects’ and signing off new ones with fresh clients. Yay! Oh, and those posts I promised on freelancing? Coming soon.

二. That being said, I’m totally aware that things have been a little slow, perhaps even a little samey-samey, over here on Daisybutter. I wish I had an extra set of hands or a Time Turner, and then I could truly fit in everything I wanted to in a day! Life has got super busy lately and I’m working on that whole ‘seeing friends IRL’ thing. Last night at around 1am, I finally penned a fresh 100 Stories post draft that I can't wait to edit and post later in the week.


三. On Saturday, my sister and I decided we’d hop on a handful of trains and spend a day together in Brighton, visiting one of our cousins who lives there. I can never seem to go too long without some time by the sea! We checked off all the essentials: a wander through The Laines, beer and doughnuts on the beach, Pokemon GO sessions between THREE PokeStops on the beach, a spot of lunch and a coffee at Marwood (seriously the coolest spot ever! Tucked next to Cafe Coho on Ship Street), all rounded off by some shopping in the North Laines and dinner at Pompoko (Japanese food). It was the best way to spend a lazy Saturday, for sure.

Currently Coveting:

四. The less-than-a-month countdown to Budapest has begun! My sister and I are headed to Budapest next month and we’re really excited. Please feel free to fire us some recommendations, we’d be more than grateful!

五. Don’t forget to enter my competition this week! I’ve teamed up with Three UK to offer a reader an iPhone SE 16GB in Rose Gold along with a preloaded SIM card. Head over this way to be in with a chance of winning, there’s four ways to get involved, which means four entries!

六. I discovered the ‘Embark’ Chrome browser extension this week and decided I simply *must* share it with you. It basically changes your ‘New Tab’ interface to that of a beautiful photograph and wonderfully minimal time and date. Simple but a great little touch to my everyday.


七. I’ve spent most of this weekend just past with my boyfriend. I guess I rarely talk about things like this but I’m just over-the-moon happy at the moment and he’s a big part of my life, lately! On my train home last night, I sat and mused about how lovely it is to have my very own human that just 'gets me', that surprises me multiple times every day, that looks out for me just as I do him and that can handle my Girl Boss mode as well as my Girl Nerd mode. It's so nice to just enjoy the smallest moments as well as the grand moments when they all blend into one puddle of goodness; what might look a weekend of nothing became one of the best weekends. After all, there’s are very few things greater in life than waking up on a Sunday morning to iced coffee and a cooked breakfast, eh?

How was your weekend? Tell me a little something about your week just past.

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