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Running for Pokemon, Race for Life and rambles for days.

一. As you read this, Louise and I will be out and about running/walking the Race for Life 5k! We decided ages and ages ago that we’d run it after losing our beloved Granny and today is the day. Our JustGiving page is still open if you’d like to spare a few pennies and donate, it’d mean the world! My boyfriend, brother, his girlfriend and little Milo are going to be watching us (help) and, right afterwards, I plan to dose up on carbs and puppy cuddles. Perfect.

二. Booked a holiday to Budapest this week! My sister and I woke up on Tuesday morning and thought, ‘hey, let’s go on holiday!’ and so with oh so cheap flights and Airbnb’s on our side, we booked a little city break towards the end of August. YAY! After starting 2016 with all the flights and having visited six countries so far this year, I was certainly getting some form of cabin fever and I wanted to soak in every last moment with the sis before she’s on third year lockdown. If you have any recommendations for us, please fire them over to us in a comment!

三. I downloaded Pokemon Go and it changed my world. Seriously. Spent Friday running around Victoria Park with my boyfriend catching Pokemon and filling up my Pokedex! He even caught me a Dratini. What a keeper. I downloaded it via an APK mirror for everybody wondering; it should be officially released in the UK early next week.

四. This week I went to a vino typing event at the newest Humble Grape restaurant in London which was so much fun. Ate lots of good food and sampled plenty of amazing wine. I’ll be throwing together a full post next week - can’t wait to share lots with you!

五. Shoutout to anybody else currently being murdered by hayfever. I’m sick to death of suffering with swollen eyes, runny eyes, a scratchy throat and all the rest of it, yet my other alternative is dozy and lethargic afternoons because all of my medication leads to drowsiness! I’m just not a summer girl, okay?

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