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London eats, Hello Kitty afternoon tea & BEAST DAY. 😍

Firstly, this week I must extend a huge apology for the radio silence around these parts! I think it might be the longest time I’ve gone without posting anything for quite some time and I can assure you it was completely unintentional. Sometimes you just need a little offline time to both take stock and stock up on real-time memories. However! In doing so, it does mean we have plenty to catch up on…

一. I’ve been opening up most mornings with indulgent breakfasts of pancakes and French toast, topped off with a black cherry compote that I found in Mum’s stashes. It’s been such a cold summer that warm breakfasts have become a real winner!

二. We finally got to tick off Roti King from my London Eats list this week! A little basement establishment in Euston, it’s a tiny eatery that sells awesome Malaysian food. Comfort eats at their best! Stocked up on an excellently authentic fill of Roti Canai and Mee Goreng Mamak that tasted just like my third hometown, Ipoh. We even pushed the boat out and got Milo Godzilla drinks, epic cold Milo drinks with scoops of ice cream and chocolate sauce.

三. I finished up with an in-house client this week and I’m so sad that I won’t have office buddies for half of the week! Expect plenty of Woe Is Me sassy solo freelancer Tweets coming your way next week. It’s been so fun hanging out with old and new colleagues (I worked at the company before I moved) and it truly made me appreciate both in- and out-of-office life.

四. IT’S BEAST COMEBACK DAY! My boys are back! I almost wrote OT6 and then remembered once again that Hyunseung is gone (you know the ones) and am about to download the album to obsess over in its entirety! I often wonder where my spark and obsession for K-pop disappears to but it always returns just in time for a long Beast summer ♥

五. Yesterday the blogging gang and I went to Hello Kitty afternoon tea at Cutter & Squidge and it was so good! We were all pleasantly surprised by the food and especially by the cakes and even more so by the adorably themed decor. I’m just about to begin editing a huge set of photos for a post this week!

How was your week?

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