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The finest of details about my Saturday 9th July, 2016.

Chain-watching One Piece from its’ very beginning · A cup of coffee · Milo snuggled up in my lap · Hanging out with Daisy in my town on Animal Crossing(!!) · Eating several handfuls of Pop Chips · Catching up with Mandy and her beautiful baby · Hoping an Eevee spawns in the vicinity because this Pokemon Go life is a life like no other · Lovely hues of lavender purplish-blue · Nervous anticipation for tomorrow’s 5k Race for Life · Cross strap sandals · Beautifully blossoming peonies beside me on my dressing table · Budapest excitement · Daydreaming of cosy-cute Airbnb’s to stay in with my boyfriend this summer/autumn · Beast’s studio album, a ‘highlight’ of my summer thus far · Off-shoulder everything · One month of vegetarianism under my belt · Marvelling at my new Pokemon cards · A pub garden afternoon with the sister.

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