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Somehow, this morning we woke up and a wild July appeared!

Seriously, how has that happened?!

I’m currently nesting on the sofa at home, cuddling a cup of coffee and feeling all of the bloggers’ guilt for almost an entire week of radio silence on the blog. Blame Brexit. Blame Brexit for everything. I can hardly believe that today marks a fresh new month though and I’m determined to pack lots in to the next 31 days.

Things To Do This Month:

  1. Check off all of the admin bits from my work list.
  2. Pick up a copy of The Cursed Child on 31st July.
  3. Indulge in Hello Kitty Afternoon Tea at Cutter & Squidge.
  4. Save every penny possible.
  5. Finish up Hunter x Hunter!
  6. Visit Brighton.
  7. Hang out at Hyper Japan.
  8. Have a fresh set of eyelash extensions done.
  9. Run the Race for Life!
  10. Downsize my beauty collection and refresh my wardrobe situation.
My main hopes for this month are to get my act together. I seem to have been ‘getting by’ throughout June when I like to be content and ‘getting on’, so this month I’m going to take care of the small things and let the bigger things sort themselves out. I think that’s a pretty realistic mantra to live by! I have a huge list of admin to be getting on with for my freelance business and I’ll feel so much better once that’s all taken care of and we all know life improves a hundredfold with a new Harry Potter book in hand.

This month I think I’m also going to embrace the not-very-Great British summer and visit plenty of places. The girls and I are headed out to Cutter & Squidge tomorrow which I’m super excited for and I’m hoping to spend some time with my brother and sister at Hyper Japan next weekend. One of our cousins lives in Brighton at the moment, so we’re hoping to visit him the weekend after that; it’s time to, somewhat ironically, take pride in this little island we call home.

A couple of other notes: I’m going to downsize my beauty collection once again. As I was packing my make-up bag to go and stay at my boyfriend’s earlier in the week, I marvelled at how on Earth my collection had managed to expand so much! I think I’ll donate some of the unused make-up (so much!) to friends and try to keep my stash as minimal as possible, seeing as I rarely wear the stuff anyway!

What will you be doing this month?

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