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A little printable map and guide to my Hong Kong food recommendations.

When I left England, I created a handy London food map for the blog, full of my favourite places to eat in the big smoke. It went down pretty damn well (I'm so pleased, after having that stroke of inspiration for more interactive content!). I'm always asked for my food recommendations (amongst others!) in Hong Kong so to mark six-months back home, here are my favourite foodie destinations in the so-called Fragrant Harbour, mapped out for your viewing pleasure and taking. Print it, save it to your Google account, whichever is easiest!

It's worth noting that some of the best food you'll find in Hong Kong exists on street vendors and cooked food markets, but they're pretty tough to map out, understandably.

Highlights & Bonuses:
Serenade - I was first introduced to Serenade when one of my aunties invited me out for lunch there. The same auntie that picks restaurants dependent on its proximity to a Chanel or Hermes and its view of the harbour, I knew it'd be a darn good place to go! Serenade is upstairs of the Cultural Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui, making it a pretty decent spot if you happen to be headed for one of the many museums in that area. It overlooks Victoria Harbour and serves authentic Chinese cuisine plus a couple of fusion dishes in a beautiful, sit-down restaurant. Make room for dessert and pick sago! In the afternoons (before 3.30pm) their dim sum selection for a classic Hong Kong yum cha experience is perfection.

Limewood - Situated right at the front of the beach in Repulse Bay, Limewood is my go-to to get into those summer vibes. I often spent Friday lunch breaks here with my colleagues, selecting a table at the window front to people-watch and view the waves crashing in. It's a tapas sort of situation but expect it to be PACKED at weekends. Really recommend the ceviche and fish tacos.

Little Bao - You 100% need to visit this place for its fusion take on the Taiwanese bao. I wax lyrical about Little Bao, once a pop-up but now a bona fide restaurant of its very own. Expect a queue but it'll be worth the wait I promise! I love their LB Fries and Szechuan Chicken Bao. Always make sure you order their ice cream bao as well! A great place to visit for a date or with a friend, as it's small and intimate inside, i.e. not ideal for a party of six.

The Hello Kitty Restaurant - Need I say more?! See snaps and my review here.

School Food - Affordable, casual Korean dining, there are a handful of School Food branches scattered across Hong Kong and Kowloon. Hailing straight from South Korea itself, the menu at School Food is all street food inspired, designed to give an insight into the flavourful dishes that propelled Korean cuisine to game. Expect lots of fusion dishes and try their kimbap and Tteokbokki.

Beef Brisket Noodles - Of all the "car" noodles, dai pai dong and street food in Hong Kong, a place that I can recommend to you and easily let you know its location is this joint on the corner in the Sheung Wan/Central district. Every weekend, I'd see hoards of people queuing for a bowl of delicious broth with tender beef brisket and noodles here and I can vouch for why! It's absolutely perfect, warming and indulgent yet also sorta working well for the summer. It's comfort food and local cuisine at its best, understated as the place itself is!

Egglet Waffles and Curry Fish Balls - Not together, though. If you see a street vendor selling either of these things (Causeway Bay, Mong Kok and Yau Ma Tei all have great ones!), then buy and try immediately! Hong Kong is all about on-the-go convenience and these are two must-try dishes.

- - -

I hope this proved somewhat useful if you're planning a trip to Hong Kong or if you're already here and thinking up some food inspo! I tried to include a good variety of cuisines (I'm a Vietnamese and Korean food addict) as well as some of my more far-flung hot spots - seriously, Casa Tapas in Sai Kung is excellent - because it's very easy to pick a restaurant at random street if you're suddenly hungry, heh.

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