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New in, new Netflix and new adventures.

一. My oh my does it feel good to curl up on my sofa, puppy beside me and churn out a new blog post after a busy week! My blogging motivation is finally back (as you may have noticed) and I finally feel like I’ve scrambled back to some sort of routine. Although, I’m going to make it a relatively quick one because I have the last 4 episodes of Orange Is The New Black to finish this afternoon as well as a helping of Hunter X Hunter. ;) Just how good has OITNB been this season?! I was sceptical at first but the season picked up and I’m really into the deeper and slightly darker storylines that they’ve introduced. All the thumbs ups.

二. I couldn’t write this post without acknowledging the truly awful and tragic news about Jo Cox this week. Lately it’s terrifying to wake up in the morning and wonder which unimaginable events have taken place. I feel truly heartbroken for her young family and for the utter disregard of human life, all for the face of extremism.

三. Last week I ordered one of those cinematic light boxes from Oliver Bonas and it arrived earlier this week! So. Much. Fun. It’s a really sweet addition to my room as I rarely use my big light anymore; evenings are lit up by fairy lights, my elephant lamp and a cheesy ol’ quote and I bloody love it. You can pick one up right here or there are alternatives over on Amazon too.

四. Yesterday saw my best friend and I spend the day together at Hampton Court Palace. Life in your twenties means rarely seeing people twice in a fortnight never mind a month but we always make sure we put the time in our diaries (LOL) to have a good ol’ gossip, catch-up and natter when we can. And so, we ventured to the former residence of Henvy VIII and meandered around the beautiful grounds, reminiscing and planning our summer. We even (eventually) conquered the Hedge Maze after being lost for a solid 15 minutes! Nothing beats a day with the bestie.

五. I suppose a main feature of my week has, again, been cooking. Guys, I’m so into cooking lately. It makes such a difference to pore time over cooking and preparing fresh meals and it helps with upping the off-screen time too. This week, highlights have been this incredible pasta we made (with fresh homemade basil and pine nut pesto, aubergines, sun-dried tomatoes and broccoli) and the Garlicky Halloumi Tacos by Naturally Ella. Too good!

Right then, back to my Netflix session with a side helping of 3DS time. Man, I love Sundays…

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  • I really enjoyed reading this post on internalised racism and Asian representation by Jane at Deluminators. Lots of food for thought and she presents some excellent points that have certainly run through my own mind as a British-born Chinese gal.

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