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Week 1 of vegetarianism, Cutter & Squidge and more weekly musings.

Right now, I’m cosied up at home, the gentle pitter-patter and fascinating soothing sounds of raindrops and a thunderstorm providing Milo and I with a Sunday night soundtrack. And I feel somewhat motivated to write a blog post, for once, to share some highlights from an unexpectedly busy week!

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一. Went on a cute date to Victoria Park on Thursday - *insert eyes emoji here* - after an entire morning of being lazy pigeons and it was so much fun! As much as I’m a total hermit at the best of times, I just love spending time in parks and by lakes and exploring even the tiniest new places. We took a little picnic, stroked puppies, upped that Instagram game and even briefly bird watched! Perfect perfect.

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二. Week one of vegetarianism is complete! And it has been F U N. Honestly. When I began sharing the non-news with friends and family, everybody questioned how I’d possibly be able to give up meat (but bacon! Steak! Korean chicken!) but it’s really not been too difficult as of yet. I’m popping a post together about the diet transition and I’ll share some of my new favourite recipes over there as well. For now, I'm Instagramming up a storm with my new meals over at @winyeemichelle!

三. Today I hopped on a train into London once again to spend a day with Cherie. Feels like I’ve known this girl FOREVER because all we do is laugh, gossip and swap stories. Oh, and eat. Of course. Finally got to try Seoul Bakery by Tottenham Court Road and I *get* the hype, it’s pretty damn good. Vegetarian options were plentiful also ;) We ate a lot, talked a lot, laughed a lot and then took a Sunday stroll through Soho to catch the Harry Potter exhibition at the House of MinaLima. I’m just about to put together an entire post on this place (come back tomorrow) but I can confirm it was blooming well enchanting. In classic bloggers-hit-town style, we rounded off our day at Cutter & Squidge with a flat white (iced tea for Cherie!) and cake.

四. Thank you all for the incredible feedback on my post about That Guy, also! It was supposed to be a little diary entry post with little rhyme or reason but it certainly opens up a conversation on not-okay things in modern dating. For the record, of course it’s not okay to be told what you can and can’t do, and of course I didn’t see him again. This sassy independent Mish doesn’t stand for that. I’m tempted to pen a more meaty post with notes on all that jazz but on the other hand, this smitten kitten is just all about the positivity right now.

Links I’ve Loved:

  • Currently obsessed with these beautiful prints from the onr. shop! I’ve saved plenty to my To Buy folder, ready for when the bank account is looking a little more padded out.
  • Loved this post from Su all about KCON France; I still haven’t managed to make it to KCON before but her summary sounded absolutely perfect. All the K-pop envy!
  • Ria continues to seriously female boss it on her blog with a new post about shouting back on the diversity front. I’m oh so excited to see what the future brings with this blogging series.
  • Victoria celebrates her 7th blogging birthday today and I just *had* to include her post in my round-up as I’ve been reading Lily Loves Lola pretty much since I discovered the blogging community.
  • I’m going through a bit of a miso renaissance lately and this recipe is top of my To Make list for next week - y u m!

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