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Welcoming { J u n e }.

一. Happy June! How tf are we halfway through 2016 please? I’m ever so slightly terrified but, you know what? This year has really turned itself around and I’m universes and galaxies happier than I was a mere 4 months ago. Good job 2016. Today my sister and I took Milo out to the local lake for a sunny afternoon walk, coupled with Nintendo 3DS time and obligatory Mr Whippy breaks. Summer, is that really you?!

二. In many ways, this week feels like it completely flew by and in others it feels like it’s lasted a lifetime. Isn’t it weird how time just works? Trickling and flowing by regardless of whether you feel ready to be Out Of The Sheets yet. I feel like I’ve completely lost track of my sleeping routine and, guys, it’s ruined me. Cry. Mish problems at their finest. On a more serious note though, back on the iron supplements and determined to be a functioning human again please.

三. This week, Louise (my sister), Amelia (my brother’s girlfriend) and I decided that we're going to switch up our diets ever so slightly and try our hand at vegetarianism. It’s something I’ve been considering for months, for both health and ethical reasons, and we’re finally going to take the plunge. We’re going to do it in more of a transitional way so we don’t completely mess up our bodies in one great swoop and I’ve already been saving a ton of veggie recipes over on Pinterest as well as adding some tomes to the kitchen bookshelf. Excited!

四. If you haven’t already noticed… I’ve got a new blog layout! Dithered for about a hundred years on this one but I really like it! There are still a few tweaks and fixes to be made but I feel like it’s a good springtime layout and all the components work ;) I love the double post slider and how sleek yet elegant the posts look, and just LOOK at the footer. Blooming perfect.

My June To-Do List:

  1. Get back on the sheet mask game! My addiction to evening Snapchat means I keep telling myself I’ll “do it tomorrow” instead and my skin *could* be much glower and softer dammit.
  2. Frame my prints and pop my gallery wall up at last.
  3. Explore one new place.
  4. Visit Brighton again! My happy place!
  5. Finish watching Hunter x Hunter.
  6. Nail 3 vegetarian recipes.
  7. Catch up with Winnie, Mandy and Zoe in London.
  8. Sleep (even) more.
  9. Marathon the new season of Orange Is The New Black in one sitting!

五. So! There’s a tiny peek into June so far! I’ve been in a quixotic blur of star constellations, naps, perfect company and small mysteries and I’ve never been happier! How has your week been?

Links I’ve Loved:

  • Hannah manages to make me crave all kinds of good food on a regular basis and this review of Chick'N'Sours makes no exceptions. You need to follow her blog for a constant source of food and travel recommendations!
  • Although University and the graduate game is way back in my past, this post from Tami talking candidly about the options available really struck a chord with me. It’s so important to follow your heart and do whatever you want to, not what might be expected from you.
  • Nobody opens up a great discussion quite like Rae and this post entitled ‘It’s okay to be uncertain’ has been somewhat of a much-clicked read for me this week.
  • Now that I’m preparing to switch to a vegetarian diet, this post from Rachel has been a handy read.

Posts This Week:

  • Petite joys - Another installment of petite joys from my everyday life. I’m loving taking stock of the tiniest things that make my days great. (read it here)
  • Being A First-Time Puppy Owner - I shared a bumper post full of tips and advice for first-time puppy Mamas. Despite the months of research I did before we got Milo, I wish more people had been less vague with their advice for me! (read it here)
  • A-Z of Michelle: H for Harry Potter - A new edition of A-Z of Michelle! This fortnight, I introduce some of my favourite Harry Potter memorabilia and what the fandom means to me. (read it here)

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