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“Run wild until you find somebody just as wild to run with.”

Whilst not being particularly seasonally appropriate, I couldn’t resist the opportunity this morning to go all out on the matchy-matchy front with my pooch. See the red lipstick matching up with Milo’s on point outfit? I picked up this ASOS knit a few days ago after an exceptionally challenging Monday (you know? Yeah, of course you know.) and I just love it! It’ll be perfect for teaming with denim skirts and culottes and jumpsuits… if only the great British summer hadn’t just arrived ;) Seriously, just how nice is the weather lately?!

I’ve had a bit of a barren week on the blog but real life has just been so damn good. Work has kept me plenty busy at most hours of most days, Milo has been energetic af and we even indulged in a sneaky midweek date night that melted into an enchanting morning and a pretty damn perfect afternoon at Victoria Park. Lately I can’t help feeling like the luckiest girl around, constantly waking up in a Christmas-morning mood.


ASOS rib jumper
Topshop Jamie jeans
Lacoste leather trainers
SpreePicky Luna backpack

Tell me something sweet about your week! x

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