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Ten tiny details that’ve made my week great.

There’s a lot to be said for appreciating the smaller, not necessarily finer details of the everyday mundane. Lately I’ve been all about ekeing out time spent offline (kinda) and enjoying the company of people around me. With Babybutter home for the summer and an attentive puppy to hang out with, it’s not been difficult to unplug once work is complete and find the good in non-screen time. Of course I’ve also spent plenty of time with my beloved Netflix though, time gossiping with the girls from work (essential) and even more time spent on trains, going back and forth from London. Here’s what’s making me joyful, lately:

一. Waking up just a smidgen before my alarm, even on non-pup patrol mornings. I’m finding my days to be more productive and smartly efficient without a lie-in and without annoying digital tinkering in my ears. But that’s not to say I’ve given up on an afternoon nap on the sly.

二. Getting to the station in perfect time for my train home.

三. Warm and indulgent breakfasts of potato hash with carrots and onion and an egg on top.

四. Balancing on the kerb when walking down quiet streets.

五. Jessica Jung – ‘Golden Sky’.

六. Introducing Beauti’s Beauty Sleep Elixir to my nightly skincare routine. Peachy silky cheeks are totally mine.

七. The moment Milo sees his reflection in the darkened window each evening. Cue puppy excitement at his identical friend that’s come to visit.

八. The Love and Lemons Cookbook - My sister and I are absolutely obsessed with this cookbook at the moment! Organised into sections by key ingredient, it makes a handy addition to the kitchen in that we can peek in the pantry and work from there on a delicious recipe for dinner. Shop it on Amazon here.

九. This ASOS rib knit jumper. I’m pairing it with everything from skinny jeans to boyfriend jeans, culottes jumpsuits to A-line skirts. *shakes fist at British weather*

十. Lazy mornings that hazily slip into afternoons, often spent cosied up in several quilts watching anime with plenty of food at our disposal.

十一. Planning adventures with this one.

What are some of your petite joys?

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