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一. Happy May! What even. How can it possibly be the fifth month of the year already? This week utterly sped past in the blink of an eye and I can barely even remember what I did in the last 7 days. Real. Life. Help me. I guess this week has mostly been about work (workworkworkwork) - I’ve been stacked with work, clocking in 8am-9pm on most days - participating in never-ending conversations about all the mysteries of the world and having the WORST sore throat in da world. Maybe an exaggeration. Maybe not. (But really, it was like swallowing samurai swords.) I've also been feeling SO homesick for Hong Kong. Argh! Today, however, I plan to lie around a lot - on the sofa and out on the deckchairs, perhaps crack out a deckchair in the garden and play a lotta Animal Crossing.

二. Milo has really come into his own this week. He’s grown so much that I barely cope! Miss my tiny little fluffball. This week he absolutely nailed his ‘lie down’ command and he’s even a fan of food! Just a week more until his final vaccinations and we can adventure outside - I’m 100% ready to be able to head down to the field and lake again. You can follow him on Instagram at @milo.chai!

三. Yesterday I headed into London to spend time with a handful of the best girls. After a week of being housebound with puppy sitting and work, it was so good to get out and enjoy that smoggy city air ;) Nothing beats London in the sun though so I spent it brunching at Granger & Co. with Hannah and Sarah (post coming soon featuring these awesome sweetcorn fritters), having a stroll by the canal, before having a meander around Central and West London with Winnie. All rounded off with a helping of sushi and insanely good bento boxes at Eat Tokyo! Perfect!

四. If you haven’t already spotted, my sister Louise and I are running the 5k Race for Life in July! We’re running it in aid of Cancer Research UK and in memory of our beloved Granny Daisy and would love your support. Every penny makes a difference and we’re hoping to be able to raise £200 between us. You can make a little contribution here, if you’d like.

五. Next week is looking a little more chilled in the diary which I am a’okay with! Hoping to make some time to drop a little anxiety care package to one of my best friends who has been dealing with several anxiety attacks over the past month, as well as some time to finish off my room. Honestly, finally having a real bed has done wonders for my mood! It’s also Babybutter’s birthday on Wednesday but she won’t be home so I suppose I can use that extra time to pick up her presents! Aside from that, I’m hoping to have a maxing relaxing week before I begin a stint in-house for one of my clients. All the things!

Links I’ve Loved:

  • Marianna has been one of my favourite bloggers since the earliest days in 2009. I just adore her interior style and excellent wardrobe, but this post was a pleasure to read too. So often we think that having ‘your life together’ should be a certain way but perhaps it’s just about being happy along the way.
  • I rediscovered this 'how I'll date you' article on Thought Catalog the other evening and still blooming love it.
  • Another excellent travel diary from Erica at Egg Canvas. Holy moly, I just adore her blog.
  • My friend Gem finally launched her brand new blog this week and I adore it. (Of course.) The Mother Cooker is her beautiful website for recipes and family life and d’you know what? The recipes come with interactive clickable ingredient lists and that is the very definition of the little things that make me happy from day to day. Genius.

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