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F I R S T :: 22.05.16.

There’s nothing quite like wading deep out of your comfort zone on a Sunday evening, is there? Quiet mystery, early morning nerves, late afternoon excitement, all finally quelled with a sobering journey into East London for a brave –Mish-moment, a date more than seven years in the making.

Fairy lights strung from corner to corner, cutesy wooden picnic tables, hollow dots, a cloudy sunset, accidentally matching outfits, a bar hut and cosy blankets, all small yet unnecessary details for a first date full of butterflies, unspoken surprises and the pitter-patter of rainfall atop a roof in Stratford.

PS. It was the best time.

Roof East. Floors 7 & 8, Stratford Multi Storey Car Park, Great Eastern Way, London E15 1XE.

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