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H E L L O M A Y ! Notes from a springtime weekend... { 30·04·16 }

At long last, the skies in England seem to be brightening up and shaking off the very last of the bitter - some might say Stark… - winter and I couldn’t be happier! Not to sound like a total British blogging cliche but it makes the world of difference to wake up to baby blue skies and not forecasts of snow in the spring.

Today is a slow sort of Bank Holiday Monday for us. My brother, Milo and I are currently pottering around the house (FIFA for the brother, an epic nap for Milo and several cups of coffee for me!) and enjoying the long weekend. We assembled my new bed this morning - and by ‘we’, I mean my brother and Dad did! - and it’s just bloomin’ beautiful. Love it. I’ll share some bedroom photos later in the week! Also… Game of Thrones!! Holy moly, thoughts on the new episode?!

On Saturday however, I met up with my pal Winnie for a slow and mostly plan-free meander around London. We always tend to go through the same ‘routine’ whenever we’re in town together: a gossip, a stroll through the shops, a cheeky extravagant buy, some coffee, a moment in Liberty, dinner.

But this time we decided to head out West in search of charming neighbourhoods and coffee houses whilst, as always, chatting animatedly about all of our weekly endeavours. Girls’ gotta do what girls’ gotta do, eh? ;) What are your city-visiting habits?

Oh! And onto the outfit… I’m absolutely besotted with these Zara jeans: embroidered, high waisted, bleach wash and just bloody awesome. The ‘Love Always’ embroidery stole my heart (heh) and just ‘goes’ with my whole hippie, romantic aesthetic. (Oh god, do I hate myself yet?) I probably could've done with going a size down and being a smidgen taller, but hey ho.

Shop the look:

By and by - this Commes des Garcons Play cardigan is the most cosy little number ever. Worth the pricey ol’ splurge, but I always say that, I guess!

Anyway! I’m off to get some episodes of my current anime - Akatsuki no Yona! - under my belt before hopping off into London this evening for dinner with some family who’re visiting from New York! Catch you on Twitter and Instagram? x

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