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{ 11·04·16 } - H E L L O · spring! * //

There’s something quietly lovely and promising about the British spring.

The way it simply transforms every other Brit’s mood with a bonus hour of sunlight, the way fresh morning dew glimmers just a touch more and the way we all take on the mission to completely overhaul ourselves after another lengthy, usually bitter winter. Basically, if we can see blue in the sky at any given moment, we’re pretty darn content over here in England! It’s the little things.

Life lately has been all about very early mornings and reasonably late nights, enjoying the pitter-patter of puppy paws traipsing around the room as I go about my daily business and n e s t i n g. As a first-time puppy owner, who would’ve thought that this would be the biggest learning curve in my books?! I’m learning oh so much (how can a tiny pooch make so much mess and run around SO quickly?!) and I’m utterly besotted with our new addition to say the least.

My April To-Do List.

  • Take the little one for his vaccinations.
  • Keep on top of work emails and blog emails.
  • Find homes for the last of my belongings that've arrived from Hong Kong.
  • Clear out my wardrobe even further.
  • Finally make a dent in my One Piece viewing! (I’m many years behind, I know!)
  • Film a new YouTube video.
  • Spring clean the house and puppy proof downstairs.
  • Save some money (& pay Mama back!).
  • Indulge in a weekly bubble bath. Puppy Mama life though.

With a fluffy new addition in tow, I've been hastily doing all mother of spring cleans in the house.

House Network very kindly sent over a box full of their HN Spring Detox essentials for me to sift through and I’m oh so grateful. Did I unlock a 25-year-old reward or something yet?

In particular, I've been oh so grateful for the Flash x Febreze cleaning wipes. I'm what you'd call a lazy cleaner and if I can get away with using simple wipes and minimal products to clean; I will. These wipes smell fresh and lemony and I don't even mind adding an extra cleaning session into my week to keep on top of them. Bearing in mind our fur baby, the Air Wick Pure spray in cherry blossom is a blooming godsend whilst we house train the little one! Such excellent timing!

Oh! … and meet Milo, our gorgeous Maltese x Shih Tzu puppy. He’s pawing away at a special post for you all soon.

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