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Capturing the little things about { T O K Y O }.

Jingles at each station that sound like sidequest music · A quiet pride for the country · Understated sophistication · Onigiri for breakfast from convenience marts · Weekends at Yoyogi Park · Sakura viewing parties and watching hanami from afar (hanami inception!) · Sheer socks and flatform sandals · Trench coat appreciation · Sailor Moon coffee · Hot vending machines · Fabric book covers encasing commuter reads · Asakusa Temple · Lesser known roof terraces · Early morning bakery life · Delicate sprinkles of sakura falling to the ground · That Pokémon Center Mega · ¥300 capsule vending machines · Puppy parks!

All manner of themed cafés and restaurants · The kindness of strangers · Simplistic practicality shining through in everyday design · The FamilyMart jingle · Shinjuku Gyeon · ¥90 sushi bars around the corner from our Airbnb · Beautiful sakura trees in full bloom springing up beside equally beautiful buildings · Tower Records. Stat · The mesmerising chaos that is the Shibuya Crossing · When the JR shows safety advertisements narrated by Isabelle from Animal Crossing · Craneking · Takoyaki tempting us from every other street vendor · Dipping ramen · Caplico cones whenever I want them!! · Achingly rich history · Unapologetically charming nature · Tiny train tickets.

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