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SuperStar BBQ, Central St Giles Piazza, London.

One of my favourite things to eat is Korean BBQ. Whenever my parents tell me it’s my turn to choose a restaurant, whenever the girls ask me to pick somewhere for my birthday or whenever I have a spare handful of hours and a rumbling tummy, I’m probably going to pick Korean BBQ. It’s truly the way to my heart!

Kim and I spent a cosy Monday evening at SuperStar BBQ last week. It was crisp and chill in the air, an expectedly British mannerism after we’d all smugly declared it was ‘jacket weather’ and ‘almost time to rejoin No Tights Club’, a.k.a. the perfect setting for an indoors grill fest.

Firstly, we were oh so impressed by the cocktail menu and modern setting of the restaurant. Copper pendant lamp, be mine.

The menu is surprisingly comprehensive; BBQ meats make up much of the menu but avoids feeling too fussy with only a select few cuts (all good ones, I assure you!) and there are several side dishes that certainly threw me back to my trip to Seoul. We shyed away from soups and salads but ordered a hearty selection to share between the two of us.

What We Ordered:

  • Korean fried chicken with kimchi mayo
  • Jap chae
  • Sesame and garlic sirloin beef
  • Wine pork belly
  • Mixed vegetables (for the grill)
  • Lettuce leaves with miso paste
  • Beef bulgogi bibimbap

Firm favourites right off the bat were the jap chae and Korean fried chicken with kimchi mayo. Kim marvelled at the jap chae and it’s ‘genuinely see-through’ glass noodles and I lapped it up, jap chae being one of my favourite side dishes. The fried chicken was tender and juicy, its batter just-crunchy enough and the mayo lightly spiced for a kick of fusion flavour.

Onto the BBQ, I was pleasantly surprised by the dishes we picked. We went for sesame and garlic sirloin which was oh so good, but the star of the barbecue for me came via the wine pork belly, reminiscent of the dishes I’d tried over in Seoul! It’s worth noting that at SuperStar BBQ, you’re expected to cook the meat yourself although I’m certain the staff would be more than happy to help out if you’re nervous.

I’d happily recommend SuperStar BBQ to you ladies (and gents)! It’s a lovely, lengthier dinner option for overdue catch-ups like the one Kim and I indulged in - I don’t think we stopped nattering for a solid 3 hours! - or for date night and even larger group outings! There’s a karaoke bar downstairs if you are that way inclined and the dessert menu looked amazing, although we were far too full to indulge in the end.
Disclaimer: We were kindly invited to SuperStar BBQ to sample their menu and consequently were given a complimentary dining experience. Opinions and food obsessive words all my own!

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