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M I L O, Ching Ming and re-settling.

Oh it’s been a busy week around these parts! So busy, in fact, that I feel a smidgen disconnected from everybody. How are we all doing? Fill me in on your weeks and adventures please ladies (+ gents)!

I landed home from Japan this time last week and it’s been all hands on deck. Right now, I'm Chromecasting a selection of YouTube videos to the big TV in our living room, pup curled up on my lap, with a coffee in hand. P e r f e c t.

一. Of course my biggest news and update is of our new addition to the family :: Milo. We brought home our gorgeous bundle of fur on Monday afternoon and are completely besotted with him! Milo is now just over 9 weeks old, he’s a Maltese Shih Tzu cross (Malshi) and a beautiful white colour with pale almond ears. This week he's truly developing a right little character and has nailed it with the toilet training as well as learning to sit on command! In classic blogger style, we've made him his very own Instagram - follow him here at @milo.chai!

二. The final couple of my boxes from Hong Kong finally arrived earlier this week which has helped to ‘finalise’ my triumphant return to home shores. I picked up some storage bits from H&M Home and I’m slowly but surely getting my bedroom into shape. Can’t wait to share it with you soon! PS. It includes the elephant lamp from this post ;)

三. On Monday, it was Ching Ming Festival, a Chinese festival that pays respect to our ancestors. We held a small ‘ceremony’ at my Grandad’s nook in the cemetery and burnt joss paper and offered his favourite fruits and food for him. By tradition, we're not allowed to do the same for Granny Daisy for a little while longer. I can’t wait until I can drive over and bring her fresh flowers in the late spring.

:: Photographed in the Imperial Palace East Garden, Tokyo, Japan.

四. I’m utterly revelling in the beautiful British springtime at the moment. Brilliantly serene and airy mornings coupled with the bonus hour in the evening that seems to make all the difference. Having said that, I've been anxious af more often than not which is super annoying. As I’m mostly at home with Milo until his course of vaccinations are complete, we’re enjoying playing with squeak toys, cooking and photographing recipes, and napping whilst the other powers through emails. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

五. Tomorrow I'll be taking Milo to the vets' for his first vaccination. I'm oh so nervous but can't wait to have him one step closer to being able to explore the great outdoors with me. We're all about the Sunday walks over here! Also hoping to find some time to get a little more done to my bedroom and shape up some sort of regular routine once again.

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