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Pour a cuppa and stay a while, won’t you?

These days, you’re far more likely to catch me soaking in the earliest moments of the day with my pooch pal and a mug of hot lemon water than carefully straining my eyes at 1am with a bumper Netflix marathon. Dare I say that the end of Night Owl Mish has left me feeling like I’ve levelled up in the Grown-Up Game? The addition of our little Milo to the family means I’ve seen the other side of 6am more times than I care to remember and I’m slowly but surely beginning to adjust to this strange new way.

I’m often at my desk by 8am these days, cup of Joe in hand and well-meaning lists strewn across my deceptively tidy workspace. (Ssh, this photograph only shows a third of my work table space, the Instagram-worthy portion!)

Breakfast lately is homemade dumplings and a cup of tea. Instagram filters keep making it look like I constantly commit sins against perfect tea colours.

Lunch breaks can come at 11am or, more often, at 4pm. The part of freelancing that I’ve always struggled with is not having a colleague bandwagon to hop on for ye olde lunch break.

But aha! A banana and some hearty soup (until the English April weather shows its weary face).

Often I work right through to 7pm or so, accommodating for my international clients and making up for those odd handfuls of time spent on playing with the puppy! I’m incredibly grateful to be able to spend quality time playing with Milo and teaching a new dog old tricks ;)

Other times, I take advantage of the perfect spring golden hour and squeeze in a 20-minute walk to refresh and recalibrate.

And, of course, by the time dinner is finished and showers are complete. It’s time to somewhat obsessively Instagram and catch up with my favourite blog reads. Current favourites? You should really be reading The July Journal, Cider with Rosie, my friend Sophie’s blog The Story Of A Girl and I’ll always have a soft spot for my girl Bee’s blog, Vivatramp.

Last but certainly not least, I’m heavily invested in Teami’s Relax infusion tea right now. Peppermint tea, camomile tea… I’ve never been a fan of these sleepytime teas, finding I spend more time wondering if I’ve missed the boat on enjoying drinking tea that tastes like toothpaste than feeling sleepy.

Whilst Teami’s Relax includes peppermint and camomile, what I love the most is the delicately sweet orange peel, lemongrass and yarrow bringing light intensity to my pre-bed beverage. I find it best sipped with a book in hand and minimal or no music, and, you know what? It sends me right off, ready for another day of Mish and Milo adventures.

Disclaimer: This post was created in collaboration with Teami, who have let me(!!) - me! - become one of their ambassadors. You can receive a generous 10% off your orders with the code DAISY10 and find their site with a full range of teas here.

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