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Airport notes.

Hello my loves! I'm haphazardly writing this from my little 1am nook in a 24-hour coffee establishment at Haneda Airport.

I fly home to England early in the morning and it feels good. I realised earlier today that, this year, I've spent a grand total of just under 3 weeks in England. How insane is that?! Six countries so far in 2016.

Tokyo was quite literally insane. The last time I visited Japan was my trip to Osaka in 2009, pre-blog, and I'd been itching to head back for ages. We chased sakura season and glimpsed full bloom today, we diligently wiled hours away in Craneking, we visited intricately stunning temples and prayed for Granny Daisy, we feasted our eyes on the mesmerising cityscape view from Tokyo Skytree and were lucky enough to explore Mount Fuji.

But, I think I'm more than ready now to settle down to my blissful everyday mundane and, you know what, I have more to look forward to than ever before. I'm quite perfectly happy in an imperfect way and it's nice.

It's been the trip of a lifetime to say the least and I can't wait to land home and tell you lots of stories ^_~ ♡

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