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Essential E T S Y additions to my bedroom. #EtsyMeetsHongKong

When it came to moving - both to and from Hong Kong - all I wanted was to feel at home. I’m a huge advocate for nesting and happilyy spend more time than most in my own little space.

In Hong Kong, my apartment became a quixotic respite from the infamously bustling streets and neon lights, and at home, my bedroom is *finally* shaping up to become a tranquil nook away from the frankly crazy shenanigans of the Chai household!

The FizzyFairyApothecary

As a ‘blogger’ sort, candles have become somewhat of a staple in my everyday lifestyle. Don’t you find something ever so mesmerising about flickering candlelight? Or is that the inquisitive Bunsen burner teenager phase sneaking back out? I picked up a Pokeball-inspired candle from FizzyFairyApothecary (as well as an unphotographed Pokeball bath bomb!!) and was thoroughly impressed.

FizzyFairyApothecary’s candles use wooden wicks that burn for more than 40 hours and it allows you to choose the wax colour - I opted for the classic Pokeball as the Great, Ultra and Master simply didn’t match my new bedroom colours - as well as the scent. The fragrance range is simply huge, I was incredibly impressed by the sheer range and fandom thoughtfulness! Of course, I chose the Butterbeer scent, an intoxicatingly comforting and creamy vanilla soda sort of scent. You can also select a Pokemon figurine that is revealed once the candle is completely burned. The perfect gift for Pokemon enthusiasts, I think you’ll agree!

A hand-painted Chibi Moon jar from Animusrhythm

When I stumbled upon Animusrhythm, I spent positively hours poring through its product catalogue because everything just seemed genius! Every item is hand-painted and these little glass jars are just so cute! I haven’t quite managed to put anything in mine but I think I’ll use it to store little handwritten notes of remembered dreams, helpful advice from my friends and frankly hilarious anecdotes from my year.

Vintage Scrabble tiles from BridalThings

I’ll put my hands straight up now and firmly confirm that I’m not getting married ;) I am, however, forever coming up with weird and wonderful photograph prop ideas for my blog, Instagram and for A for Aesthetic, so I picked up these super affordable, vintage wooden Scrabble tiles. They add a lovely rustic touch to photographs and even display well in a Kilner jar sat on my Ikea shelf. Victoria and I once went through an EPIC Scrabble phase, so I suppose this is my way of paying homage to that defining point of our friendship and blogging careers.

Dinky and adorable Bulbasaur planters from 6123D

I was over the moon to stumble across these planters. After seeing them on a craft blog years ago, it was something of a revolution! These planters are inspired by Bulbasaur - you can add a miniature succulent or cactus in the slot, et voila! A Pokemon that you nurture and raise yourself ;) they’re 3D printed which I never cease to find amazing. A super sweet, subtle way to show your nerdier side.

Disclaimer: Post created in collaboration with Etsy UK. Thoughts and fangirl eccentricities all my own.

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