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Drip drip little April showers...

There's nothing quite like returning home from an indulgent two-week holiday to refresh the mind and recalibrate a little. I *think* I've managed to escape the jetlag and right now I'm quite happily nestled on Granny's armchair with a Chai tea latte in my Scrabble mug resting on the side... and our darling new puppy on the other(!!) So, let's catch up, shall we?

一. So, first things first - we've got a puppy! We in the Chai clan added a gorgeous pooch to the family this afternoon and I simply can't wait for you all to meet him. Please expect an obligatory post introducing him to the world very, very soon. It's been a while in the making but we finally found our little guy just before we left for Japan and we're utterly smitten. He's settling in very well already!

二. Today is Ching Ming Festival, a Chinese holiday for paying respects to ancestors. We popped over to the cemetery this morning to burn joss paper and present my grandparents' favourite foods, like we always did for Grandad. I'm not quite 'there' with my Granny's passing but it felt lovely to realise that my grandparents are now finally together again ♥

三. J A P A N - - ♥ We landed home late last night after a lengthy flight from Tokyo and a lengthy layover in Paris. Of course I'll be sharing plenty of posts from my trip! I'm going to begin sifting through my photo reel properly just after this post is done and dusted. Would you prefer them in smaller chunks or something similar to my Seoul post series?

四. On the blog front, I've got a notebook full of ideas ready to be scribbled up! Like I mentioned before, I feel perfectly refreshed after two weeks spent relatively digitally disconnected. Much of the time I worry about the blogosphere being in a different place to how I best 'remember' it but blogging is what you, I and we, make of it, which is the sheer beauty of this all, isn't it?

See you possibly tomorrow for some Japan adventures!

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