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Girl wears g l a s s e s :: another round.

It's been a while since I shared my last pair of glasses and having arrived home to a fresh set of frames this week, I thought it'd be an apt time to talk all things spectacles again. I've worn glasses for short sight since I was sixteen and I can, honestly, barely remember not wearing them.

Much like a signature winged eyeliner or brows on fleek, glasses quickly became an intrinsic part of me. So much so, that I'd go as far as to say I feel more self-conscious without them than with. It's odd, isn't it? How your teenage peers can tease you so much about something as simplistic as glasses that it makes you ultra self-conscious from 9am to 3pm. I've very much made my peace with being a bespectacled gal now so I'm always over the moon to try out a new pair.

- - -

The thing with ordering glasses online is that you a) can't get a good feel of how they'll look on you and b) you risk them breaking in transit. I can't even tell you the number of Tammy Girl sunglasses I broke whilst carrying them around in my Hello Kitty handbags - case-free - when I was younger!

This pair from SmartBuyGlasses are a lovely update to my 'collection'. They're the perfect amount of different-but-not-too-different and I just adore the delicate gold-tone detailing on the corners. I chose the Fendi FF 0023 2JOURS 7US (available here) which are a fairly chunky, slightly oval take on the D-frame. They're comfortable and charming and I think they'll become a great option for wearing on occasions!

These frames were kindly gifted to me by SmartBuyGlasses for consideration and to feature on Daisyb. Thoughts and terrible eyesight all my own, of course.

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