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{ 02·03·16 } Twenty five years.

Today is my 25th birthday and it doesn’t feel very birthday-like. Perhaps we can call this one my unbirthday until I feel settled in to my twenty five groove. (You’ll never take me alive!)

A quarter of a century

With no plans in the diary - though not for want of trying! - I’ve had a delightfully relaxed at-home day. We repainted my bedroom on Monday so I’ve been slowly - very slowly - rearranging my room and trying to find new homes for my masses of trinkets. I always find such comfort in nesting and making my space feel like it’s mine. Besides, I have so many plans stacked right up until my holiday to Japan that after a little thought and complaining to myself, I’m quite thankful to have had a day Chromecasting the final two episodes of ‘Cheese in the Trap’ with the heating on. I kickstarted the earliest hours of 2nd March, 2016 with a Pokemon marathon with my brother. Perfect.

Birthday outfit numero 25, mint green coat and my Luna backpack.

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I began the day running errands with Mama in my little mint green coat, toting my new backpack. March is appropriate for pastel daydream coats, right? Even with Storm Jake whirling around?

Once home, feet cosy inside my slippers and hair all awry, I settled down with an indulgent salad. I’ve a real penchant for hummus at the moment (again)!

Being the blogger that I am, I patiently waited for the perfect light to reach our bay window to sneak out my birthday cake(!!) for some photos. It looks so good! I’m pretty much counting down the hours and minutes for my parents to get home so we can do the whole candles thing and chow down.

Just as I was about to head out for a little drizzly/sleet-filled walk (I suppose I can still do that tomorrow), a delivery guy arrived with not one but TWO bouquets of beautiful flowers. My girls are the best girls.

Impromptu flower arranging session complete… I got my bake on.

Creme Egg brownies! Recipe post coming soon.

I took a moment to indulge in quality Animal Crossing time whilst watching ‘Cheese in the Trap’. Holy moly. What a final two episodes!!

Tonight I’ll be celebrating with my little brother. Babybutter is still away at Uni and I just love family-centric birthdays, don’t you?

Twenty five.

I don’t think I’m quite at a moment where I’d like to write a 30 Before 30. In many ways I still feel like a kid, waking up, searching for food, waiting for an appropriate nap time, more food, more sleep. Just with grown-up things slotted in between. Well, wedged in between I suppose, if we’re including my extraordinary knack for procrastination.

It's odd. One of my best friends is getting married next month and other friends are getting engaged, moving up and down the country, buying shiny new cars, getting mortgages and earning new promotions. And I? I'm a little at odds with myself most of the time. In coming home, I feel like I’ve pushed a very refreshing reset button and I’m so excited to be back to commandeering my own forte, pursuing freelance again and working on new horizons. I’m utterly revelling in searching for a new car(!) and saving for travels and catching up with friends and slowly collecting up new clients and tracing the old new and exploring my homeland and feeling fluttery butterflies almost all the time.

Next up? Just you wait and see! ;)

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt

PS. It’s my birthday YAYYYY! (I have to keep reminding myself, heh!)

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