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Finding the little things that inspire happiness.

The soft crunch of morning frost underfoot · Late afternoon walks in the sun when the mood is just right · When there’s just enough milk left in the carton for the perfect cup of tea · Kitten paws · Actually, just paws in general · Thoughtful little surprises · Just-threaded brows · Slipping into a dressing gown fresh from the airing cupboard · When your brother texts you ‘Two for Tuesday?’ · Making elaborate travel plans that actually come to fruition · Endless daydreaming because the world truly is your oyster · Dipping into a brand new bullet of your favourite red lipstick · Freshly made sheets, with the edge of your duvet turned up · Surprise hot water bottles! · Pastel-coloured sunrises and decadently dramatic sunsets · The familiar unfamiliar · Finally remembering a word or phrase that was on the tip of your tongue · Stretches of water that seemingly glitters · Reaching another mortgage repayment in Animal Crossing · End-of-day bra removal through the sleeves of your top · The perfect slice of toast · Getting to the end of a Sunday and feeling that you’ve accomplished the balance of having plans and having zero to think about.

When somebody sends you a handwritten note, just because · Memory-filled scents · Absolutely nailing the rap part of your favourite K-pop song · Slippers that have spent the previous 2 minutes in the tumble dryer · Meeting up with friends after months as if absolutely no time has passed · Hearing that somebody likes you · The sheer indulgence of afternoon tea · Holding hands · An entire week of on point outfits · Sunday afternoons spent pottering around your bedroom or home, nesting · Sweet and salted popcorn · Hot chocolates with melty marshmallows · Spending relaxed hours preparing photos and writing copy for a blog post · The kindness of strangers · Crisp winter chill in the air · Devouring an entire drama series in one sitting · Enjoying a nail colour so much that it gets selected for two weeks in a row · Golden hour and the slowed-down rush to photograph everything drenched in the Midas touch · Used book shops.

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