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こんにちは, 日本!

Hello from Tokyo! A break in usual Sundaze proceedings this week because I'm in Japan for a little holiday with my brother and sister. We've come away for two glorious weeks, especially for sakura season, so it's more of a leisure break and less of a working break.

After flying for almost an entire day on three different flights, we arrived to our Airbnb and are thoroughly enjoying a break from the grey English skies. I'll be posting sporadically over on my Twitter and Instagram as always but I also spent the better part of last week (digitally) scribbling away at a handful of posts to keep little Daisyb ticking over, so you can expect those over the next fortnight.

For now, please keep up to date over on the #DaisybTravelsTokyo hashtag and via this widget below ^_~ just come back here every few days to see our travel photos!

See you in 2 weeks, loveliest ones! - - ♥

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