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A birthday, fresh blooms and blog pal reunions.

一. Hello Sunday! Boy am I glad to see the back of February! What should have been a relaxed month followed by an exciting move home ended up being a month marred with sadness that I'm still yet to shake off, even by a little. It's Mother's Day today and I just miss my Granny Daisy. I just miss our Sunday routines and stealing a squishy ol' cuddle from her whilst she tells me off for not wearing enough layers... on my feet. Mama and I are celebrating tomorrow in London for afternoon tea, but here's an obligatory throwback photo for y'all:

二. This week has been blissfully manic in many slow ways - the best sort of week. My parents now have Mondays off work after working 7 days a week since we opened our restaurant in 2007 and I’m really enjoying having the freedom to shift my freelance schedule around a little to spend some overdue, quality time with them. This week we went out for dim sum which felt ridiculously indulgent to say the least! Dim sum on a Monday afternoon! It’s the littlest things that make a good day great.

三. I filled up my diary with plenty of little afternoon breaks with friends which meant conquering my travel anxiety, because a) I live in the middle of nowhere, and b) I’m currently without a car. I’ve touched upon this before but one of my main anxiety triggers in recent years (pretty much since I stopped commuting to London) is taking trains and the Tube when it’s not to my known ‘routine’. I’m over the moon to report that I made six out of six panic attack-free journeys this week! In case you were wondering, I usually take geranium herbal tablets and carry a jar of Tiger Balm that really helps to relieve (or displace) my anxiety. YAY! I was also that guy who opened all the windows in the carriage - sorry if you take the King’s Cross to Cambridge route! ;)

四. Treated myself to not one but two London days this week. On Friday I hung out with my girl Ella. This girl. What a damn good egg. We hadn’t seen each other in almost 2 years but enjoyed the most delightful afternoon at Said London - chocolate heaven, a post is in the works! - and wandering around having a jolly good catch-up about the essentials: boys, blogs and our lost-but-there futures. And then yesterday Winnie and I had our insane, emosh, overdue reunion. After my morning snow excitement(!!), we headed to The Blogger’s Market to support our pals Liv and Kristabel (also Lucy, Carrie and Dunya!) and had an excitable squishy hugs reunion. So blooming proud. Then we popped to Flesh & Buns - one of my faves - for a spot of lunch after our Dishoom plans were foiled by insane queues. Winnie made an exciting purchase and we sipped on bubble teas whilst laughing the afternoon hours away.

五. Oh! And I, quite happily, turned 25 on Wednesday! I shared a post on the day filled with sleepy photos from my quiet celebrations and I’ve just been lapping up the turn of a new age. To be quite honest, I don’t “feel 25”, whatever that means, I’m just full of positivity for another year. My blogging girl gang also surprised me with some beautiful bunches of flowers that have seriously upped the interior game in my bedroom.

Links I’ve Loved:

  • Rae interviewed me a handful of weeks ago for her inspiring Conscious Living blog series. I’m a huge fan of her blog and its mantra so I felt honoured to be involved! Head here to read up on my thoughts on conscious living and filling the world with positivity.
  • I still adore simple life-update posts and Rosie's '10 Things' installment earlier in the week made me beam for the smallest joys of everyday.
  • My girl Sophie shared a recipe for mac and cheese a.k.a. a weekly staple, amirite? So moreish and yummy!

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