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11 things to check off this month.

Somehow, we’re already into the third month of the year! We’re nearing a quarter of 2016 and that’s pretty crazy, isn’t it? I feel like I say this all the time but time can so easily slip through our fingers if we’re not careful and I for one have big plans for my right now. January was a test run, February pushed me to my limit and now?

Bring it on, March. You’ve already turned me 25, so what else is in store?

  1. Practice yoga twice a week.
  2. Skimp and save some extra money.
  3. Hang out with Winnie, Ella, Kristabel and my girls.
  4. Japan!
  5. Go on a short walk on at-home days.
  6. Bake a little.
  7. Repaint my new bedroom.
  8. Buy fresh flowers.
  9. Finish my Seoul blog posts before Japan.
  10. Organise the crap out of my room.
  11. Indulge in a weekly pamper session.

What are you planning to do this month?

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