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Lately I've found myself obsessively checking my Instagram feed more than I'd care to admit. In fact, even as I sit here watching my hundredth rerun of Gossip Girl, sheet mask plopped on my face and list of Posts to Write Before Japan, I'm just about to reach for my phone. Again.

I have a problem.

But I find an easy sense of familiarity and inspiration whenever I crack out the ol' Instagram, almost like the modern-day version of awkwardly leafing through every single film photo from somebody's holiday when you end up at one of those equally awkward huge group meals. You know the sort. Personally I like following a huge mix of feeds: completely-unrelated-to-blogging accounts owned by my IRL friends, polished themed feeds, puppy 'grams, stationery and notebook feeds, travel feeds, accounts run by professional and/or amateur photographers... You name it, I'm probably following it.

Here are some of my current favourites right now:


Sherry's feed - just up there in the cover image! - is one of the most aesthetically pleasing feeds I've ever stumbled upon. I think I've been following this one for a handful of months and I adore the bokeh-heavy style of photos, each awash in candyfloss hues. Needless to say, it's provided me with plenty of photography inspiration whilst I explore Japan again.


Jen is one my newest blogger discoveries and I'm just smitten with her minimal yet duly considered Instagram feed. Full of texture, colour and personality, each snap is just to die for! I honestly believe more feeds should be as subtly creative as hers.


Each and every time I spy a Sunmi Louise snap in my Instagram newsfeed, I'm struck with infinite wanderlust. Based in South Korea, she shares colourful 'grams of her immediate surroundings as well as of her previous extensive travels. She truly has an eye for capturing the beautiful lesser-seen elements of cities and she's a wonderful conversationalist as well!


Dani and I go way back, although I'm not sure if we've *actually* met IRL yet?! And her feed is blimmin' lovely. She's the perfect example of a themed and well-curated feed that still brims with personality and life, you know? You get a wonderfully calming feel about her photos and it's just like stepping through a square block into a wintry scenescape for an afternoon wander with an old friend.


I'm obsessed with Su Bin's feed for her meticulously coordinated style and ability to make a simple set-up look extraordinary. No 'theme', light filters and an enviable taste for minimal living and decor.

Find me over on @winyeemichelle and leave me a food emoji in a comment so I can check out your IG feed!

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