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Things you may or may not know about me.

Tomorrow I turn 25!! Isn’t that insane? A quarter of a century, although I certainly don’t feel like there will be any great shift come midnight. Please find me cosied up in my best Christmas pyjamas, hugging a hot chocolate spiked with rum, possibly getting some marathon-viewing of one of the many TV shows I’m engrossed in lately. I figured instead of doing a 30 Before 30 post – no thanks – I’d share 25 things that you may or may know about me! You in? Let’s go.

  1. I’m an all or nothing kinda girl. I used to be a little, well, wishy-washy about things, and while I still very much go with the flow, I like to jump in with both feet instead of pansy around the edges.
  2. I’m obsessed with horoscopes. Star signs, sun signs, moon signs, the Chinese zodiac, ALL of them.
  3. I was recently re-sorted into Gryffindor House despite previously being a Hufflepuff. I’m still coming to terms with ‘the change’ and am wholeheartedly embracing being a hybrid of the two.
  4. I talk the most and least sense between the hours of 10pm and 4am.
  5. I’m an avid collector of nothing in particular. I’m especially proud of my clothes, K-pop album, magazine and plushie collections. I also have a pretty damn amazing Harry Potter collection – I might pen a full post on this one day!
  6. Yes, I do occasionally do a swear…! Teehee~
  7. Some of my colleagues are still convinced I’m Canadian. You can hear me speak here, for reference, hahaha.
  8. I quite happily choose to spend entire weekends cooped up indoors, speaking to nobody but the pizza guy.
  9. One of my worst traits is talking about myself, which is ironic in a post that is all about moi. I think I picked it up after living alone for so long!
  10. When I was at secondary school, I was part of the ‘Coolest People You’ll Ever Meet’ group. Full of my best friends, many of whom I’m still best mates with, we were what the others openly called the misfits and rejects. Some of the things we were subjected to include being hit in the face with a stone inside a snowball (me), pushed down a muddy hill (a friend) and having a hockey ball lobbed at their neck (me again). What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!
  11. I’m a British-born Chinese, born and raised in England, only I like to complicate things and spent just over a year as an expat in Hong Kong.
  12. My favourite alcoholic beverages are probably a cheeky Sol, a gin and tonic, a Sailor Jerry’s and Coke or a mojito.
  13. I have a very elaborate train of thought. Coupled with being an over thinker, it makes for insane scenarios! The decorated language and copy you see on this blog? About a raw tenth of what’s happening in my brain!
  14. I once gamed from 8am until 4:30am until my brother had to gently prise me away from my station and put me to bed. Apparently I asked him ‘if I was even hitting anything’, because I was trying to do a mass kill in a quest room…
  15. I laugh at all of my own jokes and force my best friend to do so too.
  16. I’m lucky enough to count a handful of blogging lads as my best girls. Who else is gonna harass you at 3am with 50 photos of their Sephora haul eh? (Cough cough, Sarah. FFS. ♥)
  17. I’m finally confident enough to speak in group settings!
  18. I used to run a Taylor Swift fansite back in 2007!
  19. I was also one of ‘those’ girls on MySpace that had the display name of michelle™ [18k]. Sorry, not sorry.
  20. I also had a very short-lived RP account on there!
  21. Lots of friends call me a little hippie because I’m seriously just all about the good vibes and being happy.
  22. Believe it or not, I went to stage school!
  23. I also went to Chinese school on Sundays, which pretty much consisted of us shivering in the empty classrooms of a local secondary school, being crap at tests and running amok at break. I learnt way more Cantonese by watching TVB dramas!
  24. I am absolutely terrified of crocodiles, alligators and paper cuts.
  25. I’m the proud Mama to two teeny baby Russian tortoises. They’re still smaller than my hand!

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