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Candyfloss sunrises, the beauty of being home & country wanders.

Honey I’m home!

一. I suppose the main highlight of this week is that I’m firmly nestled back in my sweet, grey England. It feels surreal to be back and I’m just loving watching the sun rise each morning, light washing through the window of my new room (my old bedroom in my parents’ home never saw the sunrise!). I’m utterly soaking up having so many huge rooms to pansy around in and I love having a morning coffee and enjoying a quixotic breakfast with my Mama before opening up my Macbook and beginning the day’s work. I suppose I was nervous about returning home and having to relearn a routine, but there’s been none of that. This Chai is oh so glad to be surrounded by the crazy Chai clan again!

"Welcome back to England, where you make your own dreams and add your own colour to the world." - Mish. ;)

二. A few quick notes about my flight home(!!) Emirates, u da real MVP. I haven’t flown with Emirates since I was around 7/8 but decided to book with them this time and I was seriously impressed. Excellent customer service from top to tail, comfortable economy cabins, en pointe food, twinkling fairy lights illuminating the cabin ceiling during the night, and Wi-Fi!! I’d wholly recommend flying Emirates, kids.

三. Right now I’m working on getting my bedroom in gear. Like I mentioned earlier, my beautiful bedroom has been taken over by my younger brother and I’m now in his old room which is much smaller and is bright blue! We’re giving it a repaint and shuffle around tomorrow which I’m oh so excited for. I’m also busy shopping for trinkets and decor and I’m feeling pretty inspired for a new little space. This time round I’ve gone for greys, pops of colour, rose gold and earthy elements. Of course I’ll share photos, details, wishlists and hauls once it’s looking in better shape.

Mini explorations

A photo of a photo with my two best girls! *// country walks with the best. ♥

四. I’ve been home for six days and I’ve already been enjoying mini explorations with my friends. There’s so much to catch up on, even since Christmas, and I’ve been loving just hopping out for walks, drives to neighbouring towns and such. It’s truly the little things, eh? Last night I met up with two of my best girls for our annual joint birthday celebration (Emma, Ebony and I celebrate our birthdays on the 19th, 25th and 2nd, respectively) at a local curry house and we had the best time eating all the food and gossiping over drinks. My best friend kidnapped me on Friday, too, for a cosy and wintry afternoon over in Hertford and I was simply in awe of the beautiful common and river! All about the small town life right now.

五. Being home means that I’ve finally been able to open all of my parcels. (Priorities…) Amongst lots of other things that I’ll post about soon, I picked up this beyond adorable Sailor Moon Luna-inspired backpack! It’s made from a fake saffiano-inspired leather with printed lining and CAT EARS. I wore it all weekend and it’s my new little love. You can pick one up here!

六. Today my brother and I headed out for a Sunday Nando’s. This will sound pretty odd but while away, there was nothing I craved more than classic chain food from England, namely Nando’s and Wagamama! Finally got my fill of chicken before heading out to pick all manner of lampshades, copper wire baskets and treats for my baby tortoises.

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Happiness looks like... this.

七. I got Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer!! It was a gift from my best friend and I’ve pretty much spent all of my spare time tucked in bed, playing away. I’ll be kick-starting a little 3DS series on Daisyb soon so keep an eye out and lemme know if there’s anything you particularly want to see!

八. Finally, next week I'll be all over you, London ;) I turn the grand old age of 25 on Wednesday and I'm excited to hop into London and across Hertfordshire for the annual celebrations with each little pool of friends. Winnie and I are also going to head to The Blogger's Market, run by Liv, Kristabel, Lucy, Dunya and Carrie for a spot of thrifty shopping and blogging fun!

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  • This post about incorporating Buddhist mantras into everyday life was a truly inspiring read.
  • If you try one recipe next week, make it this one by Rachel!

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