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6 postcards from Seoul, February 2016.

Honey I'm home!~ I'm back in Hong Kong surrounded by boxes and blasting the A/C.

Before we delve into truly what is shaping up to be a rabbit hole of travel posts from my holiday to Seoul, I wanted to share some of my favourite shots from the trip. A little preview, the tip of the iceberg, a dip in the waters, so to speak. And, I mean, I haven’t quite managed to sift through all of my memory cards and edit the photographs into a coherent order yet! So, I figured this would be a short but sweet way to introduce the trip…
01. Overhead in Itaewon.
02. Fried chicken in Cheongdam-gu.
03. An afternoon at Naminara Republic.
04. Changdeokgung Secret Garden.
05. A night view from atop N Seoul Tower.
06. Cube Entertainment pilgrimage number one!
More photo diaries and travel content coming tomorrow, as soon as I’ve packed a little more of the apartment up.

Love, Michelle x

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