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A little chat about blogging creatively.

With over six years of blogging firmly under my metaphorical belt (I never wear belts because I sometimes like to eat pasta in the day), something that I’m regularly, I guess, asked about? commented upon?, is my ability to blog and write and ‘do’ creatively. I am, by trade, a writer. I write creative copy, I produce articles, I create editorial content for brands. I’m trained, first and foremost, as a journalist. And I can’t remember a single moment where I haven’t been somewhat creative. I used to come home from primary school and spend hours playing with my Blush Art and Spirograph sets (how 90’s could ya get?!) and in Year 5 and 6, I would spend hours typing away at my first ever computer, imagining up elaborate short stories. Creative is just my ‘thing’, small as it may be in the grand scheme of life-saving doctors and mind-blowingly clever researchers.

I’d be lying through my teeth if I said that I’d never felt that pressure to blog in a certain way, to find a niche or to blog regularly, etc.

Actually, I feel it all the time and, if you’re a blogger, I’m sure you do too. Back in the very earliest days of my blog, I wrote these posts: this Lush review, a tag, this one about celebrity fashion lines and this I Like list. These are amongst the first, I don’t know, 20 or so posts that I ever wrote on Daisybutter and often I’m embarrassed to reflect on those posts but lately? It’s quite fun to look back on. You’ll notice that my blog has become – or, more, it’s returned to – a scrapbook of sorts. Photo diaries beside food reviews beside outfits and back again. Lists and diary entries and lengthy think pieces and introductions to my favourite online spots. But in between that? There’s no denying that I fell victim to buying hyped-up products that were no good for me, to writing ‘how to’ pieces that were maybe better suited to my day job, to trying to fit into a category blog, you know? I’m no beauty blogger, no fashion blogger, not an expert in life; I’m something of a hybrid of all these interests, just like any other person. The beauty is there is no perfect blogger and no two of us on this planet will be the exact same.

That in mind, this so-called ‘blogging creatively’ is simply me offloading things to an online space. I liken it to a stream of consciousness in that, short of you climbing inside my head, this is the most accurate and relatively raw representation of me that I can digitally manage.

Sometimes I’m all about being a strong independent woman who just needs 10 cats, sometimes I’m obsessing about skincare for days, sometimes I’m spending hours working out (stay with me here) which grey jumper is the perfect one ;), sometimes I’m holed up in my kitchen brewing up a potion/dinner. The best way to inspire your best blogging self is to be yourself, right there, on your blogging pages. Here on Daisybutter, I write as if I'm chatting to an old friend, oddly strung-together sentences and made-up phrases and all. If you’re afraid, perhaps, to reveal all, then you don’t have to. There are still many things I keep tightly to myself, offline.

I don't have a bread-and-butter formula that'll lead you to creating a creative blog full of your personality. Quite the contrary, I think it's going with the flow that'll craft a blog that is imperfectly perfect you. Maybe you’re not sure of your way with words, try telling your story in photos. Or maybe you have no patience with tap-tap-tapping at a post, try filming a video or recording an audio post/podcast (my current guilty pleasure!). And, slowly but surely, in time, you’ll find that idyllic balance, I'm certain of it.

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