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{ 31·01·16 } Slow Sunday ambles and lots of food to see off January.

Right now I’m hyper-aware of leaving a beautiful city and country behind in just a handful of weeks.

My favourite thing to do at the weekend is to slowly awake with the sunrise, listening to the day unfold beneath me (I live on the 14th floor!), the oftentimes-annoying but somewhat comforting ticking traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, my elephant neighbours as they crash around upstairs, the quiet tinkling as the weekend tai chi class gets underfoot all the way downstairs in the gardens.

I like to do that lazy-girl thing of stretching all the way over to my dresser without leaving my bed, even if it means clinging on with all my might, and popping my speakers on to play some music or hang out with my YouTube subscriptions. I like to flip the sheets underneath my legs, using my legs, and bundle up like a little duvet burrito. And then I lean out again to my dresser to retrieve my cashmere socks and awkwardly put them on whilst encased in my sheets. It’s like a weekend marathon, isn’t it? How many things can you feasibly do whilst in bed?

Until at last when I can’t stand it anymore, I pad, quiet as a mouse, out of my bedroom and tiptoe to the kitchen for my morning caffeine fix. Often I take this stolen moment of standing-up-awareness (know what I mean? I don’t take anything ‘in’ when I’m sitting down or laying around) to peek outside to the streets and ascertain what the deal is. I mean, are people carrying umbrellas (evidently rain), wearing hoods (windy AF) or touting face masks (smoggier than life)? Fresh brew complete, I snuggle back in bed for a final laze, set up some very over-styled flat lays for Instagram, trying desperately not to spill my entire coffee over my very white sheets, and then get ready.

- - -

On Sunday, the very last day of January 2016, I went through all of my lazy routine motions and headed out for an afternoon of brunch and coffee (and beer). Kicking off the farewell meals and all, once again, Helena and I headed to a delightful little Italian place on Elgin Street in Central/Sheung Wan: Mostaccioli Brothers.

I opted for eggs to order, adding pancetta and going for poached eggs. SO good! Nothing beats some fairly indulgent pancetta, eh?

Helena went for Eggs Caprese which looked amazing!

Girly gossips and life chats over a crisp newspaper, fresh coffee and alfresco food in January are just the way to go.

We took a leisurely stroll down the rolling hills of Hong Kong Island, right through Central district, and I couldn’t resist shooting some snaps of the Chinese New Year décor and finer details of our surroundings.

Afterwards, I met my friend Keir for a catch-up over coffee. I’ve been meaning to try Winston’s Coffee in Sai Ying Pun for weeks! An Australian joint, it’s super easy to find, just take exit A1 from SYP MTR Station, turn right et voila!

I selected a flat white as always while Keir grabbed an avocado grilled cheese(!!) My thoughts on the coffee? Almost perfect! It could be a touch creamier but, actually, I wasn’t after creamy on a slow Sunday afternoon.

The crockery was absolutely perfect, look at these dreamy teaspoons! A little nod to my almost-roots in Southampton!

Also couldn’t resist being ‘that guy’ and shooting away at the interiors. Their food selection is widespread and relatively healthy! Hope I can make another trip back here before I leave…

Next up, K and I had a little wander around Central and perused the shops in ifc. We also gawped at the installation in their foyer for Chinese New Year, a faux bamboo forest that creates a monkey motif (apparently… We didn’t think so!) when viewed from the tiptop floor.

We had some obligatory beers on the rooftop because if you can’t drink at 4.42pm on a Sunday to celebrate the end of dry January, when can you?

And finally, before heading home, we took a little Star Ferry across the water. The only way to travel!

Happy Tuesday, little loves!

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