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"Never ignore someone who loves you and cares about you. Because one day you may realise you lost the moon while counting stars." - John O'Callaghan.

一. Another week has completely zoomed by! I feel like I've barely stopped this week: work has been seriously busy and my freelance work even busier. Happy Mish (mostly) all around! Since deciding to leave my current job, I've thrown myself back into picking up freelance projects and taken on some awesome new clients, something that I hadn't really been able to do for a while. I did the scary announcement at work to my team about leaving and moving... turns out it was a-okay because no-one even cared/batted an eyelid! ;) Had 2 training workshops at the office too, one of which meant I got to take home a goodie bag. Win!

{ my M U J I goodies! & a sneak peek of my 365 notebook } The best part about MUJI in its Asia-rooted self is the snack bar...

二. This week I've mostly been so tired that the evenings and mornings blur into one another. Many no-makeup days, many skipped or late breakfasts, many nightmares(?!) Like I mentioned in last week's Sundaze installment, this entire week/month has been about chasing after never-ending errands. Yesterday I 'popped out' to get some things done and got back 2.5 hours later!

三. We booked Tokyo this week and I finally booked my flight home! All the flights! I'm already so excited for my 2016 travels. I kinda realised that I adored 2014 as much as I did because I got to spend it with all of my favourite people all the time in so many new or different places, and so, in 2016, I hope to do the same. Travelling truly is the only thing that makes you richer and whilst I won't be backpacking anytime soon, I'm bloomin' excited to visit new places and countries with my faves in tow. My brother, sister and I are finally, finally getting to go back to Japan, this time to explore Tokyo, Kyoto and hopefully Mount Fuji during sakura season.

... yep, this happened.

四. AARON SAMUELS THINKS MY HAIR LOOKS SEXY PUSHED BACK! Heh. In case you missed me posting it over pretty much every platform I'm on on the Internet, on Wednesday I wore pink and checked my Instagram notifications to find that Jonathan Bennett had liked one of my posts! Quite aptly, I was pushing my hair back in the photo ;) it remains a mystery as to how he found my account, but, teenage Mish is very pleased right now. PS. I'm on Instagram at winyeemichelle if you're not already following! ^^

五. M O V I N G H O M E :: ... yep! Booked my one-way flight now so I guess that's pretty much finalised. I dithered about potentially staying in Hong Kong for a little after my last official working day, but I want to get home and sort my room out and spend time with my Granny ♥ I land back in England on 22nd February, just in time for my best friend's birthday, then my own, and then my other best friend's wedding(!!) Cue excitement.

Sleepy Sunday views.

六. It's absolutely freezing in Hong Kong at the moment. The girls and my family have all been laughing because it's only been 3°C at its coldest which is nothing compared to the weather back home that I was so accustomed to for 23 years! In fact, Seoul is even colder, hence why I popped out yesterday to pick up essential touchscreen gloves - I'm a huge advocate of the Muji ones - and some Uniqlo HeatTech tops. I've spent much of this weekend cosied up at home working on some projects, whittling away at A for Aesthetic and hugging my portable heater! It does mean that I've managed to prepare lots of posts ready for the week ahead though so that, after work, I can actually make food and settle down with a little something on Netflix. Expect a Seoul wishlist, a peek into this year's 365 (366?) project, a restaurant recommendation, some outfits and more! (: ♥

Links I've Loved:

  • If you're not already reading and following Rae's blog, Love From Berlin, then make it your Sunday goal to do so! Her Anatomy of an Outfit series is awesome and this week she discusses what it means to be happily single for now.
  • Currently coveting? This faux fur pom-pom hat from Topshop! I left all of my winter hats in England and desperately need one for a) the winter, and b) Seoul!
  • Liv gave us a mini tour of her gorgeous bedroom and it immediately made me want to get going with Marie Kondo'ing my apartment. I adore the personality-filled space she's created!
  • A brunch spread at Chez Little Winter that makes me want Katy to turn her home into a bloggers' Airbnb. Whatta gal.
  • I discovered this lovely little food blog of Grace's through stalking my own comments this morning. Love the variety of food and meal ideas and her beautiful photos. Follow eat, write + explore ASAP!
  • The ever-sweet Lauren shared a little list of things she'd like to achieve this week and it resonated heavily with me. Lately all I want to do is get home, close the curtains and mute my phone for a few hours. I'm a firm believer that the small things are what creates the bigger picture.
  • And last but certainly not least, this blog by Jennifer - Amour JNFR - swallowed up much of my Saturday evening. A really nice beauty and lifestyle read!

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